Превенционные материалы по прежнему доставляются в "неконтролируемые зоны" Восточной Украины

26 Jan 2016
Доставка противотуберкулёзных медикаментов является найболее проблематичной
Альянс подолжает работать с партнерскими организациями

Работая в сложных и ухудшающихся условиях, Альянсу по Общественному Здравоохранению (ранее Международному Альянсу Украины по ВИЧ/СПИД), в сотрудничестве с Глобальным Фондом и Всемирной Организацией Здравоохранения, удалось осуществить годичную поставку наборов бы


Special efforts made to maintain HIV Services in Crimea

26 Jan 2016
The Global Fund is working closely with the Ukraine PRs and with local NGOs in Crimea
The Fund is the only international donor operating in the annexed territory

Political changes in the Crimea region which took place from February 2014 – i.e., the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation – have significantly altered The Global Fund programs in the region.  


Le matériel de prévention continue à atteindre les zones dites « non contrôlées » de l’Est de l’Ukraine

7 Jan 2016
La livraison de médicaments antituberculeux est plus problématique
L’Alliance travaille en coopération avec plusieurs organisations partenaires
Travaillant dans des conditions qui ne cessent de se détériorer, l’Alliance pour la Santé Publique (autrefois nommée l’Alliance Internationale HIV/SIDA Ukraine), en coopération avec le Fonds mondial et l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé, est parvenue à livrer l’équivalent d’un an d’approvisionnement de kits de dépistage rapide pour le VIH, les MST et l’hépatite C dans les régions dites « non contrôlées » de la zone de Donbas dans l’Est de l

Prevention materials are still getting through to the “uncontrolled areas” of Eastern Ukraine

16 Dec 2015
Delivery of TB medicines is more problematic
Alliance is working with partner organizations

Operating in difficult and deteriorating conditions, the Alliance for Public Health (formerly the International HIV/AIDS Alliance Ukraine), in cooperation with the Global Fund and the World Health Organization, have managed to deliver a one-year supply of the rapid test kits for HIV, STIs and hepatitis C to the uncontrolled regions of the Donbas area in Eastern Ukraine – i.e. Donetsk and Lugansk.

Глобальный Фонд настоятельно призывает принять чрезвычайную резолюцию для поддержки поставок медикаментов в Восточную Украину

18 Feb 2015
Подписание резолюции по отправке компонентов ОЗТ, АРВ и других критически важных медикаментов отложено кабинетом министров

 Глобальный Фонд призывает правительство Украины утвердить резолюцию, прокладывающую путь для экстренных поставок критически важных лекарственных средств и других товаров медицинского назначения в беспокойные восточные регионы страны, часть из которых в настоящее время контролируется про- Российскими войсками.


Global Fund urges passage of emergency resolution to support drug shipments into eastern Ukraine

3 Feb 2015
Approval of the resolution to send OST, ARV and other critical medicines is being held up in the cabinet of ministers

The Global Fund is urging Ukraine's government to approve a resolution paving the way for emergency deliveries of critical medicines and other health commodities into the country's restive east, part of which is currently controlled by pro- Russian troops.


Ukraine needs to find innovative ways to increase impact: Global Fund

7 Apr 2014
Fund calls for cuts in non-essential services

The Global Fund expects Ukraine to do more with less.


Strong partnership and strong will needed to avert public health crisis in Crimea

2 Apr 2014

by Karen Madoyan


Ukraine activists seek stability in HIV funding in face of political turmoil

4 Mar 2014
Groups ask Global Fund to accelerate funding commitments to maintain existing programming

Ukraine's HIV community including principal recipients of Global Fund grants have formally requested that grant signing for Phase 2 of a Round 10 HIV grant be expedited to mitigate the potential impact of the current political turmoil roiling the country.


Harm Reduction Efforts Among People Who Inject Drugs Help to Halt Spread of HIV in Ukraine

22 Mar 2013
HIV incidence in the general population has dropped for the first time in more than a decade

Harm reduction programmes in the Ukraine have resulted in a decrease in HIV transmission among people who inject drugs (PID) which, in turn, has helped to stabilise the HIV epidemic in that country.

This information was contained in a statement released on 6 March 2013 by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine. The statement provided the results of an analysis of the impact of harm reduction programmes in Ukraine.