As for HIV pandemic, truck drivers at high risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19 in East Africa

3 Jun 2020
Protecting truck drivers from COVID-19 and HIV requires regional cooperation


Global Fund has allocated an additional $43.3 million to existing grants in several countries for 'portfolio optimization'

18 Mar 2020
Funding goes to Kosovo, Middle East Response, Namibia, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Zambia


Global Fund Board approves $46.4 million in interventions from the UQD Register

7 Oct 2019
Funding revisions to nine grants from Bhutan, Niger, South Sudan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan

On 27 September 2019, by electronic vote, the Global Fund Board approved funding for interventions from the Register of Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) valued at $46.4 million for nine grants in five countries (see Table). Most of the funds for these awards come from a portfolio-optimization exercise that was carried out in April 2019 for the 2017-2019 allocation cycle.


Six African countries classified as challenging operating environments craft tailored funding requests to the Global Fund

13 Jun 2017
Civil wars, famines and post-Ebola realities require flexible approaches

Challenging operating environments (COEs) are countries or sub-regions of countries that the Global Fund characterizes as having weak governance, poor access to health services, manmade crises (such as conflict) or natural crises (such as famine).


Ecobank Foundation and its renewed Global Fund commitment

19 Oct 2016
More on the Foundation's three-year, $3 million commitment made at the Global Fund replenishment conference

The Ecobank Foundation renewed its partnership with the Global Fund, announcing a three-year, $3 million commitment during the Fund’s September Replenishment Conference in Montreal, Canada as reported by Aidspan here.


OIG investigation into a South Sudan SR uncovers more than $0.5 million in non-compliant expenditures

18 Jul 2016

An investigation conducted by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has determined that Caritas Torit, a sub-recipient (SR) for three grants to South Sudan, exercised weak financial management and controls over the disbursement of program funds, including lack of or inadequate supporting documents, proper bookkeeping, and accounting records.


Funding approved for malaria grant to Guinea-Bissau

5 Mar 2016
Existing HSS grant to South Sudan re-programmed

The Global Fund Board has approved funding in the amount of € 16.4 million ($18.4 million) for a malaria grant to Guinea-Bissau. The Board also approved additional funding for an existing health services strengthening grant to South Sudan. The Board was acting on recommendations from the Technical Review Panel and the Grant Approval Committee.



OIG audit in South Sudan raises questions about managing grants in difficult operating environments

19 Oct 2015
Weaknesses identified in managing programs and health services and products, and in governance and oversight

An audit by the Office of the Inspector General on grants to South Sudan concluded that while financial and fiduciary controls are at the level of the principal recipients were effective, there are weaknesses in the management of programs and health services and products, and in governance and oversight. A report on the audit was released on 5 October.


In South Sudan, debate on how to maintain HIV treatment adherence during times of war

19 Mar 2014
Global Fund supported programs trying to maintain support for 6,617 people on ART

More than 700,000 people have fled their homes since conflict erupted in mid-December in South Sudan, which has compromised their safety and security and made them more exposed to the risk of illness and other public health challenges. But for the estimated 6,617 people living with HIV who are taking anti-retroviral treatment supported by the Global Fund, being far away from their home clinic has become a matter of life or death.


South Sudan’s malaria program sees challenges – and not just due to conflict

18 Feb 2014
Difficult coordination and a lack of flexibility are chief complaints of the new nation’s health officials

The town of Minkammen, on the banks of the White Nile, has been inundated with thousands of South Sudanese fleeing the conflict pitting rebel against government fighters upstream.