Global Fund’s new HIV and TB multicountry grants in Eastern Europe and Central Asia begin implementation

26 Feb 2019
Applicants express concern over newly competitive application process

The Global Fund Board has recently approved several multicountry grants, whose aim is to address priorities “deemed critical to fulfil the aims of the Global Fund 2017-2022 strategy,” and to address needs that are not being fulfilled by national (single country) allocations.


Dispute erupts on Moldova CCM; Global Fund Secretariat declines to intervene

22 Aug 2017
One issue is the decision to abandon dual track financing

Six representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) on Moldova’s National Coordination Council for National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Programs – the body that fulfils the functions of a country coordinating mechanism in Moldova (hereinafter “CCM”) – have appealed to the Global Fund Secretariat to intervene with respect to how the voting was conducted for a decision made on budget allocations and implementation arrangements for an H


Transition planning is a road towards programmatic sustainability, says Curatio International Foundation

17 Jan 2017
The lessons and findings of the transition preparedness assessment tool’s roll out

In 2015, the Global Fund commissioned the development of the Transition Preparedness Assessment (TPA) Framework. The tool assesses the readiness of various countries to carry out the transition of their HIV, TB and malaria programs from the Global Fund’s support to domestic funding. “The road to sustainability: transition preparedness assessment framework” has been developed by the Curatio International Foundation (CIF).


A comparative study of opioid substitution therapy protocols will contribute to the sustainability of harm reduction in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region

19 Dec 2016
Eurasian Harm Reduction Network-EHRN provides evidence and instruments for optimising national harm reduction programs

The new methodology for the funding allocations and consequent gradual decrease of GF financing for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) countries puts at special risk the operations of harm reduction services, which were, traditionally, largely supported by the GF.


La Moldavie, un exemple de transition de l'argent du Fonds mondial vers les OSC via le gouvernement, selon une étude de l'ONUSIDA

28 Jul 2016
Les gouvernements et les OSC discutent des mécanismes de sous-traitance des services aux OSC

Actuellement, plusieurs OSC nationales en Moldavie fournissent des services aux populations vulnérables clés, ainsi que les personnes vivant avec le VIH.

Исследование ЮНЭЙДС приводит Молдову в качестве примера распределения денег Глобального Фонда на ОГО через правительственные инстанции

18 Jul 2016
Правительства и ОГО обсуждают механизмы суб-конракта на сервисы ОГО

В настоящее время в Молдове существует несколько национальных ОГО, предоставляющих сервисы уязвимым и ключевым группам населения и людям, живущим с ВИЧ. Эти сервисы включают в себя психо-социальную поддержку, программную превенцию и снижение вреда.


UNAIDS study cites Moldova as an example of Global Fund money flowing through governments to CSOs

5 Jul 2016
Governments and CSOs discuss mechanisms to sub-contract services to CSOs

Currently there are several national CSOs in Moldova providing services to vulnerable and key populations and people living with HIV. These services include psychosocial support, prevention programming, and harm reduction. Funding for this work has come predominately from The Global Fund and has been administered by an NGO principal recipient, the Center for Health Policies and Studies.

Устойчивость, как основа новой стратегии по ВИЧ в Молдове

1 Sep 2015
Переход от поддержки Глобального Фонда занимает видное место в формировании стратегического плана на 2016-2020 гг, находящегося в настоящее время в процессе разработки

При разработке новой национальной стратегии по борьбе с ВИЧ/СПИД, Молдова в равной мере наметила план перехода, основанный на предположении, что с 2018 года со строны Глобального Фонда финансирвания интервенций по превенции, лечению и уходу более не предвидется.


Sustainability at core of new HIV strategy in Moldova

18 Aug 2015
Transition away from Global Fund support figures prominently in the development of the 2016-2020 strategic plan currently under development

In developing its new national strategy for HIV/AIDS, Moldova is, equally, drafting a transition plan that is predicated on the assumption that there will be no more Global Fund support for prevention, treatment and care interventions from 2018.


First grants under the full NFM rollout are about to be signed

30 Sep 2014
Application submitted to the Emergency Fund to deal with Syrian refugee crisis

The first two grants under the full rollout of the new funding model (NFM) should soon be approved for signing by the Global Fund Board. Both grants emanate from an HIV concept note submitted by Moldova during the first window on 15 May 2014.