Aidspan Analysis Reveals Problems with Grant Data Provided by the Global Fund

10 Jul 2013
Problems stem from a complicated, outdated financial reporting system

Until recently, the Global Fund was providing erroneous data for grant agreement amounts and related fields on the grant pages of its website and in the grant data spreadsheets it made available via its website. This problem had apparently persisted for several years. This is the conclusion Aidspan has drawn from an analysis of the Global Fund’s grant data.


Several Aspects of the NFM Have Yet to Be Finalised

1 Jul 2013

With only six months to go before the expected full rollout of the new funding model (NFM), several aspects of the model have not yet been finalised. Decisions still have to be made on the following:


On HIV and in Health Systems, Ethiopia Has Made Good Progress – but Challenges Remain

28 Jun 2013
The country is on course to achieve universal ARV treatment by 2015
Currently interventions mainly target the general population

Ethiopia is often cited by the Global Fund as having done a good job of implementing HIV grants and of strengthening the country’s health systems. When he signed two grant agreements worth $424 million with the Ethiopian government in July 2012, then Global Fund General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo said that the country had made great progress in achieving universal coverage of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.


Feedback Sought on Draft Report on “More Health for the Money”

20 Jun 2013

The Center for Global Development (CGD) has published a “consultation draft” of a report on value for money in global health, with particular reference to the Global Fund. The CGD is seeking feedback on the draft. The deadline for feedback is 12 July 2013.


Main Decisions Made at Board Meeting

19 Jun 2013

On 18–19 June 2013, the Global Fund Board held its 29th meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka. GFO was present, with observer status. The main decisions made at the meeting, in chronological order, were as follows. (For precise wording of what the Board agreed, see the decision points document that has been posted here.


Progress Report Describes Significant Changes in the Approach of the OIG

19 Jun 2013
More attention will be paid to Secretariat processes and the work of other assurance providers
OIG-Secretariat relations have improved

In what it describes as a “sea-change,” the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) said that it is moving away from its historical emphasis on country level grants towards “consulting engagements” focusing more on reviewing internal Secretariat processes and the work of other assurance providers.


Historic Moment Provides Many Opportunities for the Global Fund, Dybul Says

19 Jun 2013

The people involved in the Global Fund, and in global health generally, “are at an historic moment when the confluence of scientific advancement, epidemiological intelligence and experience from more than a decade of implementation come together to offer the opportunity to end three plagues as public health threats.”


Mark Dybul Delivers His First Formal Report to the Board

19 Jun 2013
Impact profiles being developed for countries applying for funding
“The Fund has not been very successful at simplifying procedures”

Executive Director Mark Dybul’s first formal report to the Global Fund Board covered a lot of ground.


OIG Investigation in Georgia Reveals That Two Suppliers Conspired to Obtain Contracts

15 Jun 2013
Suppliers were assisted by the PR, OIG says
PR denies the allegations

The OIG says that is has uncovered “credible and substantial evidence” that two suppliers for programmes supported by Global Fund grants in Georgia worked together to steer contracts to each other, and that they were assisted in this effort by several staff members of the principal recipient (PR).


TRP Observations and Lessons Learned on First Wave of Concept Notes

14 Jun 2013
“The notes were technically sound and strategically focused”
Problems encountered with how indicative and above indicative amounts were presented

The Technical Review Panel (TRP) has provided feedback on its review of the first wave of concept notes. This article provides a summary of what the TRP said.