Guides and Reports Available on the Aidspan Website

8 Oct 2010

The following is a partial list of the guides and reports available on the Aidspan website at www.aidspan.org/guides:



Time To Re-Visit the CCM Minimum Requirements

1 Apr 2010

It appears that the Global Fund Secretariat is becoming more rigorous in its application of the eligibility criteria for proposals from CCMs (i.e., the six minimum requirements). As reported in the previous article, proposals from seven CCMs were screened out (i.e., deemed ineligible) in Round 9, compared with zero in Round 8 and three in each of Rounds 6 and 7.


Aidspan publications during 2009

19 Jan 2010

To access a full list of Aidspan guides and reports, go to www.aidspan.org/guides and www.aidspan.org/aidspanpublications. Those published during 2009 are as follows:



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"Aidspan Guide to Building and Running an Effective CCM (Second Edition)” is Released

30 Sep 2007

The second edition of "The Aidspan Guide to Building and Running an Effective CCM" has just been published. It is accessible at no charge at www.aidspan.org/guides, where various other Aidspan Guides are also available. Versions of the guide in French and Spanish will be posted by the end of November 2007.


Two Excerpts from "The Aidspan Guide to Building and Running an Effective CCM (Second Edition)"

30 Sep 2007

Following are two sample excerpts from "The Aidspan Guide to Building and Running an Effective CCM (Second Edition)", whose publication is announced in Article 4 above.

Excerpt 1: Full Participation of Members in the Deliberations and Work of the CCM


CCM Authority over PRs

24 Apr 2005

In many countries, there has been considerable uncertainty regarding the extent to which the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) has authority over the Principal Recipient (PR). Accordingly, the Board added to the CCM Guidelines a number of paragraphs that are supposed to clarify things.


What is a valid CCM?

10 Jan 2003

In July 2002, the Global Fund issued a $quot;Call for Proposals$quot; and $quot;Guidelines for Proposals$quot; that specified: