Audit Reveals Deficiencies in the Management of Global Fund Grants in Cambodia

2 Nov 2010

All four principal recipients (PRs) in Cambodia established separate structures parallel to national ones to manage procurement and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) functions within Global Fund grants. The creation of parallel structures goes against the intention of core Global Fund principles that call for the use and strengthening of national systems.


Replenishment Meeting Discusses Challenges of Meeting Global Fund Resource Needs

24 Jun 2010

Participants at the Global Fund's Third Replenishmentmeeting for the period 2011-2013, held in The Hague, on 24-25 March 2010,acknowledged that continued scale-up of Global Fund programmes would berequired to meet the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by2015, and that even the scenarios presented by the Fund would not be sufficientto meet the needs.


First Learning Wave of NSAs Seen as Being Successful

18 May 2010

The use of national strategy applications (NSAs) is attractive to countries, technical partners, donors and the Global Fund's own Technical Review Panel (TRP). This is the conclusion of the Global Fund Secretariat, based on evaluations that have been conducted on the first leaning wave (FLW) of NSAs and other feedback.


TRP Observations on the "First Learning Wave" of NSAs

1 Dec 2009

The "first learning wave" of a new Global Fund funding stream, National Strategy Applications (NSAs), was recently completed. NSAs involve submitting a national disease strategy itself - rather than a Global Fund-specific proposal form - as the primary basis of the application for Global Fund financing.