HIV spreading in Asia, including among Global Fund High Impact countries

11 Feb 2014
Lack of progress raises questions about targeting of HIV response

A UNAIDS special report released in November has warned of a risk that regional progress in Asia and the Pacific in stemming the spread of HIV is stagnating, recommending a closer look at value for money and strategic targets for external and domestic co-financing of prevention, treatment and care activities.


Grant renewals: Global Fund has become more prescriptive

20 Jan 2014

The Global Fund has become more prescriptive about what should be included in submissions for funding for the next phase of a grant. While this trend began under the Grant Renewals Panel, the formation of the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) in the second quarter of 2013 brought with it a noticeable upswing.


Peru CCM Submits Request for Phase 2 of HIV Grant

9 Dec 2013
Specialised centres will provide services to MSM, transgendered persons and sex workers

The Peru country coordinating mechanism (CCM) has submitted a request for continued funding for Phase 2 of its Round 10 HIV grant. The Global Fund Secretariat and the CCM have completed discussions on the request. Approval by the Board is expected later this month or in January.

This article describes the plans for Phase 2 and the process for developing the request.


Regional Latin America HIV Grant Funding to Be Discontinued

29 Nov 2013
Failure to achieve good value for money or to fulfill conditions previously imposed by the Board were cited as key drivers of the GAC recommendation

A regional HIV grant with a checkered history and serial problems in its aim to respond to stigma and human rights challenges across Latin America and the Caribbean has been discontinued for its failure “to deliver on the original goal of reducing stigma and discrimination and promoting understanding of human rights and gender equity among military and the police,” according to a recommendation by


Few Programmes Target Gay Men, Other MSM and Transgendered in Southern Africa, Study Says

4 Jun 2013

Despite the Global Fund’s progressive policies on the inclusion of gay men, other men who have sex with men and transgender individuals (GMT) in programmes supported by the Fund, only a tiny fraction of the money spent by the Fund in six countries in Southern Africa has targeted this population.


New Partnership Combines Entertainment with Prevention Messages and HIV Testing

16 Dec 2011

Sony Corporation and the Global Fund have entered into a partnership for the implementation of behaviour change projects, in which Sony provides state of the art equipment and movies, and the Global Fund ensures that they are provided to agencies best able to reach communities most in need.


Applicants Can Submit a MARP Proposal in Round 10

21 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 1, Round 10 applicants from countries that have concentrated HIV/AIDS epidemics within "most-at-risk populations" (MARPs) have the option of applying for funding specifically for MARPs under a new funding stream.


Global Fund Reports Progress on Increasing Aid Effectiveness

23 Apr 2010

The Global Fund says that six of its 13 aid effectiveness targets have been met, that one target has been nearly met, and that three others are within reach. This information is contained in "The Global Fund 2010: Innovation and Impact," a report on results released by the Global Fund on 8 March 2010.