Global Fund Provides Updates on Grant Consolidation and Other Areas

24 Sep 2010

In the first eight months of 2010, 13 countries went through a grant consolidation process, a feature of the Global Fund's new grant architecture. In the process, 38 grants were consolidated into 19, and single-stream-of-funding agreements were signed for these 19 grants. The Global Fund estimates that this will result, on average, in a reduction of 50% in transaction costs for implementers.


Aidspan Releases Q&A on the Global Fund's New Grant Architecture

14 Jul 2010

Aidspan has released a seven-page question and answer sheet (Q&A) on "Grant Consolidation and the Single Stream of Funding." The purpose of the Q&A is to provide a basic understanding of the concepts of grant consolidation and the single stream of funding, and of how Global Fund applicants and implementers will be affected.


Applicants Can Submit a Consolidated Proposal in Round 10

21 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 1, Round 10 applicants have the option of submitting a consolidated proposal, instead of a regular proposal, if they are eligible and ready to transition to a single stream of funding.


Global Fund To Implement New Funding Architecture

16 Nov 2009

The Global Fund Board has decided to implement a new funding architecture in order to simplify processes for grant implementers. The centrepiece is the concept of a "single stream of funding" per PR per disease.