Regional Latin America HIV Grant Funding to Be Discontinued

29 Nov 2013
Failure to achieve good value for money or to fulfill conditions previously imposed by the Board were cited as key drivers of the GAC recommendation

A regional HIV grant with a checkered history and serial problems in its aim to respond to stigma and human rights challenges across Latin America and the Caribbean has been discontinued for its failure “to deliver on the original goal of reducing stigma and discrimination and promoting understanding of human rights and gender equity among military and the police,” according to a recommendation by


TRP and GAC Comment on the Funding Awarded to Myanmar

15 Jun 2013
Renewal funding of $168.4 million added to what Myanmar will receive as an early NFM applicant

When the Global Fund Board approved early applicant funding for Myanmar for all three diseases (see first article in this newsletter), it also approved funding for the renewal of existing grants for these diseases. The total funding approved for Myanmar is shown in the following table:


Comments on the Funding Awarded to El Salvador

15 Jun 2013
Renewal funding of $3.9 million added to the NFM early applicant funding

When the Global Fund Board approved early applicant funding for El Salvador for HIV under the new funding model (NFM), it also approved funding for the renewal of two existing HIV grants. The amount of renewal funding approved was $3.9 million. When combined with the $20.2 million in NFM indicative funding and the $2.9 million in NFM incentive funding, total funding awarded to El Salvador was $27.0 million.


Global Fund Board Decides Not to Approve Funding for Phase 2 of Guinea-Bissau HSS Grant

4 Jun 2013
Little impact, poor value for money among the reasons cited

The Global Fund Board will not approve funding for Phase 2 of a Round 8 health systems strengthening (HSS) grant in Guinea-Bissau. The Board’s No-Go decision follows notice of an intent to recommend a No-Go for this grant provided by the Global Fund Secretariat in October 2012 (see GFO article).


Five Concept Notes from Early Applicants Have Been Endorsed, and Have Moved to the Grant-Making Stage

16 May 2013

Five concept notes submitted by early applicants have been endorsed by the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC). Three of the concept notes are from the country coordinating mechanism (CCM) in Myanmar (one for each disease). The others are from CCMs in El Salvador (HIV) and Zimbabwe (HIV). This information was contained in the 15 May issue of the Global Fund’s News Flash.


Round Table Meeting Discusses Global Fund-Related Technical Support Issues

5 Feb 2007

Twenty global health leaders, implementers and advocates met in mid-January in England for a two-day "Round Table" of informal discussion on two closely related topics: first, how to ensure that implementers of Global Fund grants can have access to adequate and appropriate technical support; and second, what changes this might require in inter-agency collaboration between the Global Fund, UNAIDS, WHO, World Bank, DFID, PEPFAR, the Ga