"Communities" Delegation Seeks Focal Point

28 Jul 2005

The Global Fund board delegation that represents "Communities Living with AIDS, TB and Malaria" is seeking a person to serve as Communications Focal Point. This position requires one quarter to one half of the chosen person's time, and is unpaid, through costs are paid for attending Global Fund board meetings.


The First Fifty "Phase 2 Renewals"

23 May 2005

The Global Fund has made its fiftieth decision regarding whether to approve a grant for extension beyond the first two years, known as "Phase 2 Renewal."


Committee Restructuring

24 Apr 2005

Most board decisions are made after the topic in question has been extensively discussed by a board committee, and the committee has made a recommendation to the board. The board has now decided to revise its committee structure. The four main committees that have existed in the past have been replaced with the following three committees:


Quality Assurance of Limited Source Pharmaceutical Products

24 Apr 2005

At its October 2002 meeting, the board decided that if a medicinal product is to be eligible for purchase using Global Fund grants, it must meet various requirements.


Round 5 Funding

24 Apr 2005

Several board members commented on the fact that at present, only $300 million of the anticipated $1,000 million cost of Round 5 has been promised. This led to a resolution saying "The Board notes with concern the current shortfall regarding funds available for Round 5. The Board calls upon participants of the Replenishment Conference, and all other potential donors, to take urgent action to ensure that Round 5 is fully funded."


Global Fund Inspector General

24 Apr 2005

As a result of pressure from the United States, the Board agreed to appoint an Inspector General. The role of the office of the inspector general will be to assess whether the Global Fund and its grant recipients are using the money in the ways intended.


New Chair and Vice-Chair

24 Apr 2005

The Board elected Dr. Carol Jacobs of Barbados to serve as Chair for the next two years, and it elected Prof. Michel Kazatchkine to serve as Vice-Chair. They took over from Mr. Tommy Thompson, former US Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Dr. Helene Rossert, head of the French NGO AIDES, respectively, whose terms of office had expired.


CCM Authority over PRs

24 Apr 2005

In many countries, there has been considerable uncertainty regarding the extent to which the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) has authority over the Principal Recipient (PR). Accordingly, the Board added to the CCM Guidelines a number of paragraphs that are supposed to clarify things.


NGOs Choose New Global Fund Board Members

17 Apr 2005

NGO delegations to the Global Fund have chosen new board members and alternates to represent them.

Elizabeth Mataka (znan@zamnet.zm), Executive Director of the Zambia National AIDS Network (ZNAN), will serve for the rest of 2005 as Alternate (that is, Deputy) board member representing Developing Country NGOs, and then for 2006 as the board member.


Round 5 to Commence Soon

7 Mar 2005

The Fund will issue its Round 5 "Call for Proposals" on March 17, as previously reported. On that date the new Proposal Form and the accompanying Guidelines for Proposals will be published at the Fund's web site. Completed applications must be delivered to the Fund by June 10, and the board will make its decisions at the end of September.