Dropping the Ball

17 Apr 2008

If you stopped an ordinary man in the street here in Kenya and told him that there is a Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria which gives money to help Kenya fight the three diseases, he would probably be pleasantly surprised. For not many people here have any idea that such a fund exists.


Global Fund Launches Round 8, With Focus on "Dual-Track" Financing

14 Mar 2008

The Global Fund's "Round 8", launched on March 1, is expected to be the biggest Round thus far. No previous Round has involved two-year commitments by the Fund of more than $1.1 billion. Yet the Fund says that currently, approximately $2 billion is forecast to be available for Round 8, and that this amount may increase as additional pledges from donors are made.


The Advantages of Dual-Track Financing

14 Mar 2008

If developing countries are to make significant progress in the coming decades in the battle against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, they will require not only the enormous financial resources that the Global Fund can provide, but also the active participation of a substantial army of foot-soldiers – engaging the enemy village by village in the countryside, and street by street in the cities.


Global Fund Grants with Multiple Principal Recipients

14 Mar 2008

The announcement by the Global Fund that starting with Round 8, it recommends dual-track financing (in which there are one or more PRs from the government sector and one or more from the various non-government sectors) throws increased attention on the need, and the possibilities, for PRs from NGOs, FBOs and the private sector.


Changes to the Global Fund's CCM Guidelines

25 Feb 2008

the Purpose, Structure, Composition and Funding for Country Coordinating Mechanisms and Requirements for Grant Eligibility"). The Board made three major changes or additions:


Are CCMs Complying with the Global Fund Requirements Concerning the Selection of CCM Members?

29 Jan 2008

Since April 1, 2005, the Global Fund has had six minimum requirements that CCMs must meet if their proposals to the Fund are to be considered. One of these is that CCM members representing the non-governmental sectors must be selected by their own sectors through a transparent process. Almost three years later, some questions remain about the extent to which CCMs are complying with this requirement.


CCM Governance

24 Oct 2007

When the Global Fund was launched five years ago, it specified that any country that wished to obtain a Global Fund grant first had to establish a CCM (Country Coordinating Mechanism) that would develop the proposal and then oversee the resulting grant.


China Changes Course on Using NGOs as Grant Implementers

30 Sep 2007

Over the last few months, innovative plans by the China CCM to use an NGO as Principal Recipient for a Round 6 HIV/AIDS Global Fund grant, and to use small grass-roots NGOs for much of the implementation work, have been almost entirely reversed.


Global Fund Board Chooses New Chair From Private Sector

30 Apr 2007

The Global Fund has chosen a new Chair who comes from the private sector, and a new Vice-Chair who comes from an African NGO. This is the first time that both positions have come from sectors other than government.


Guidelines Published on Integrating Sexual and Reproductive Health Services into Round 7 Proposals

30 Mar 2007

A group of NGOs has published guidelines on integrating the provision of sexual and reproductive health services into Global Fund Round 7 HIV/AIDS proposals.