On HIV and in Health Systems, Ethiopia Has Made Good Progress – but Challenges Remain

28 Jun 2013
The country is on course to achieve universal ARV treatment by 2015
Currently interventions mainly target the general population

Ethiopia is often cited by the Global Fund as having done a good job of implementing HIV grants and of strengthening the country’s health systems. When he signed two grant agreements worth $424 million with the Ethiopian government in July 2012, then Global Fund General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo said that the country had made great progress in achieving universal coverage of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.


Global Fund and PEPFAR Announce New Treatment Numbers

14 Dec 2006

The Global Fund and the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) announced on December 1, World AIDS Day, that between them they are now supporting antiretroviral treatment for 1.2 million people living with AIDS. This represents a three-fold increase in the total number of people receiving treatment in low- and middle-income countries since December 2003, and a doubling in the past year.


International AIDS Conference Roundup

16 Jul 2004

The International AIDS Conference, which takes place every two years, ended today. Based this year in Bangkok, the conference was attended by 19,000 people. The Global Fund featured prominently. Thanks in large part to criticisms of President Bush's $15 billion PEPFAR initiative, the Fund was widely and somewhat simplistically portrayed by many as the knight on a shining white horse that could do no wrong.


Global Fund and Others Announce Cheaper Drug Possibilities for Grant Recipients

6 Apr 2004

The Global Fund and three other organizations today announced ways in which grant recipients can obtain high quality antiretroviral drugs and diagnostics at very low prices that previously were only available to a few countries.