Nigeria’s TB/HIV funding request to the Global Fund sent back for iteration

22 Aug 2017
Portfolio plagued with challenges

On 4 August 2017, Nigeria was notified that its TB/HIV funding request – submitted on 28 May 2017 – was not invited to proceed to grant-making. The Technical Review Panel (TRP) recommended a further iteration of the funding request. This means that the country must re-work and resubmit its funding request, addressing the TRP’s concerns. The country will resubmit its funding request in Window 4 on 7 February 2018.


A private donation of $6 million for a gender-based violence intervention in South Africa

27 Feb 2017
Funds are from a private foundation donor who wishes to remain anonymous

A private donor has provided $6 million to fund a gender-based violence intervention in South Africa. The intervention had been registered as unfunded quality demand (UQD).

In December 2016, the Global Fund signed an agreement with the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous.


At least 17 components will be using the transition application during 2017-2019 allocation period

13 Feb 2017
Twelve components will receive “transition funding” directly

Applicants for at least 17 components from 13 countries will be using an application form tailored to transition (in short, a transition application) when they apply for funding from their 2017-2019 allocations.


Global Fund HIV grant to Russian Federation supports TB/HIV project in the Tomsk oblast

5 Jul 2016
Project may be expanded to other oblasts

The Russian Federation has not been eligible to apply for funding for TB several years. That does not mean that there is no TB problem in the Russian Federation. In fact, the TB risk is ranked as “severe” according to the Global Fund’s own index. The Federation was not eligible to apply for TB because of its income level. The Russian Federation is currently categorized as high-income.


Integration of TB and HIV programs in high burden countries both necessary and beneficial, experts say

18 Feb 2014
How to get the two programs working together among anticipated challenges

Forty-one countries will from 2014 be required by the Global Fund to submit joint TB-HIV concept notes under the new funding model in what experts in both fields consider to be necessary and beneficial but also challenging to implement.