Global Fund chops $170.6 million from Nigeria’s 2014–2016 allocation

21 Mar 2018
Nigeria failed to meet its counterpart financing requirements

New co-financing requirements do away with the old counterpart financing thresholds

4 Jul 2016
Secretariat will determine the requirements after discussions with each country

Under the new co-financing requirements (previously called “counterpart financing requirements”) adopted by The Global Fund, countries no longer have to meet a minimum threshold expressed as a percentage of the cost of the national programs for HIV, TB, and malaria.


Revised eligibility policy adopted

28 Apr 2016
Three-year GNI per capita average to be used to determine income level

Under the new Eligibility Policy adopted by the Board at its meeting in Abidjan on 26-27 April, a three-year GNI per capita average will be used to determine income level classification for eligibility purposes (replacing the single year per capita numbers that have been used up to now).


Special arrangements established for funding applications from four Middle East countries and territories

7 Dec 2015

The Global Fund Board has waived certain requirements for processing HIV and TB funding applications from Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen because of the current political context and challenging operating environments in these countries and territories. The requirements that have been waived relate to country coordinating mechanism eligibility, counterpart financing, and willingness to pay.


Report Documents Rise in Official Development Assistance

20 Sep 2010

In the last decade, official development assistance from donor countries has been increasing, as has the proportion of this assistance going to health. This information is contained in a report recently released by the Global Fund.


African Countries Face Major Challenges in Bid to Increase Domestic Spending on Health

14 Jul 2010

African governments have not lived up to their commitment in the Abuja Declaration to allocate 15% of their annual budgets to health expenditure.


Global Fund Seeks to Increase Contributions from Corporations and Foundations

14 Jul 2010

On 1 June 2010, the Global Fund issued a press release to announce that PRODUCT RED, the Global Fund"s largest private sector contributor, has now contributed more than $150 million to support Global Fund HIV/AIDS programmes in Rwanda, Lesotho, Swaziland, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa.



Replenishment Meeting Discusses Challenges of Meeting Global Fund Resource Needs

24 Jun 2010

Participants at the Global Fund's Third Replenishmentmeeting for the period 2011-2013, held in The Hague, on 24-25 March 2010,acknowledged that continued scale-up of Global Fund programmes would berequired to meet the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by2015, and that even the scenarios presented by the Fund would not be sufficientto meet the needs.


Revised <i>"Aidspan Guide to Round 8 Applications to the Global Fund &#x2013; Volume 1: Getting a Head Start" </i>is Released

29 Jan 2008

Aidspan has released a revised version of Volume 1 of “The Aidspan Guide to Round 8 Applications to the Global Fund." It is accessible at no charge at www.aidspan.org/guides, where various other Aidspan Guides are also available.