Extracts from report of the Global Fund’s TRP on Windows 1 and 2 funding requests

28 Nov 2017

This article contains several brief extracts from the report of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) on the funding requests it reviewed in Windows 1 and 2 of the 2017-2019 allocation period. The extracts are from Part Two of the report (technical observations).


Global Fund Board approves a second batch of grants for 2017-2019

28 Nov 2017
Twenty funding requests yielded 32 grants

Global Fund’s Technical Review Panel recommends 49 requests for grant-making in Window 2

17 Jul 2017
Tailored requests were more likely to move on to grant-making than full reviews

At the end of June 2017, the Technical Review Panel (TRP) met to assess funding requests submitted to the Global Fund in Window 2 (23 May 2017). In this window, the TRP reviewed 54 funding requests, including 22 full reviews, 31 tailored requests and one iteration request. No program continuation requests were submitted in Window 2.


What changes are being considered for the allocations methodology for 2017-2019?

6 Oct 2015
So far, no information has been made public concerning the options under study

The Global Fund should be more open about what options are being considered for the allocations methodology for the next period, 2017-2019.

By March 2016, the allocations methodology for 2017-2019 will have been adopted by the Board. That’s six months from now. It doesn’t look like there will be much public discussion of the methodology before it is approved.


The Need for Technical Assistance

19 Oct 2003

Long before Round 3 took place, the Secretariat projected that the cost of Years 1-2 of grants approved in Round 3 would be about $1,600 m., almost double the cost of Round 2. As it turned out, the cost of Round 3 approved grants came to only $623 m., which is almost 30% *less* than in Round 2. This was caused, in part, by the fact that the percentage of proposals recommended by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) for approval went down.


Short Items

28 Sep 2003