An update on The Global Fund’s six special initiatives

5 Apr 2016

The Secretariat has provided an update on Special Initiatives to the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee and the Financial and Operational Performance Committee. The update has not been made public, but Aidspan has received permission to report on its contents.


The TERG recommends measures to enhance health systems strengthening

24 Dec 2015
The Secretariat will prepare a workplan to implement the recommendations

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group has developed a position paper on health systems strengthening, in which it advances a number of recommendations. The Secretariat has been asked to prepare a workplan with timelines for implementing the recommendations.


Global input sought in development of strategic plan to stop TB

18 Jun 2015
The online consultation follows a similar effort launched to solicit greater input into the global HIV strategy

Stakeholders from around the world are being encouraged to add their voices, lessons learned and challenges to a global consultation carried out virtually by the Stop TB Partnership to inform the development of its strategic plan for 2016-2020.


Innovative partnership launches PR Management Dashboard

15 Apr 2015
New dashboard helps Global Fund principal recipients identify problems and progress with grant implementation

Grant Management Solutions, the Global Fund and SAP SE have developed a new management dashboard for principal recipients (PRs), which provides users with an overview of a grant’s implementation progress.

Developed from June 2013 to November 2014, the dashboard was handed over to the Global Fund for dissemination to PRs in February 2015.


Gender advocates push women and girls to center of NFM concept notes

2 Apr 2014

Advocates at the national and community level across Global Fund-eligible implementing countries are working closely with gender experts within the Secretariat to ensure that women and girls are at the center of countries' planning and concept note development under the new funding model (NFM). This is in line with a new Gender Equality Strategy implementation plan being promoted with increased vigor by the Secretariat.


Global Fund-Related Technical Assistance Available for Round 11

25 Jul 2011

This article provides information on some of the major organisations providing Global Fund-focused technical assistance (TA). The article highlights two types of Global Fund-focused TA: (1) TA to help applicants with the development of their Global Fund proposals for Round 11; and (2) TA for programme implementation and institutional development.


Technical Assistance for Round 10 Proposals Available from Friends Africa

24 Jun 2010

Friends Africa is offeringtechnical assistance for the development of Round 10 proposals, through itsTechnical Assistance Hub. Friends Africa is a pan-African organization whichmobilises support for the Global Fund.


E.D. Report Provides Updates on CCMs, Round 8 Grants, Other Topics

24 Jun 2010

The Global Fund is developing a comprehensive performanceassessment framework designed to enhance its ability to identify CCMs that needassistance. As well, fund portfolio managers (FPMs) have been instructed to activelyparticipate in CCM meetings and to liaise more regularly with CCM members.


Toolkit Released on Incorporating HSS in Round 10 Proposals

14 Jun 2010

A new toolkit for use in preparing Round 10 proposals contains information on how countries can use funding from the Global Fund to support health systems strengthening (HSS) activities. It also contains information on technical support providers that are available to assist applicants in developing proposals that address HSS.


Report Documents Challenges Facing Applicants and Implementers

16 Apr 2010

Despite the fact that many agencies are providing technical assistance (TA) in the region, countries in South-East Asia face a wide range of significant challenges in applying for and implementing Global Fund grants. Some of the challenges originate from Global Fund processes and systems. Others are specific to individual countries.