Global Fund Suspends Grants to Chad

14 Dec 2006

The Global Fund has temporarily suspended its two grants to Chad. The Chad CCM has been told to "put in place a new structure" that will ensure effective management of the grants. The two grants - one each to fight HIV/AIDS and TB - have a total five-year value of $21 million, of which $8 million has been disbursed thus far.


Main Decisions Made at Global Fund Board Meeting

6 Nov 2006

Key decisions made by the Global Fund Board at the meeting that ended on Friday were as follows.


Global Fund to Review Work of Local Fund Agents

19 Sep 2006

The Global Fund is about to commission a major study of the effectiveness of Local Fund Agents (LFAs), prior to issuing new LFA contracts next year.


Recommendations on Operational Issues from the Partnership Forum

19 Sep 2006

The 400 participants at the Global Fund's Partnership Forum in July 2006 in Durban, South Africa, made recommendations of two main kinds: strategic, and operational. The strategic recommendations were reported in GFO Issue 61. (See www.aidspan.org/gfo.) Now, in this issue, we summarize the operational recommendations.


Global Fund Signs its Largest Ever Grant Agreement

29 Jun 2005

Last month the Global Fund signed its largest ever grant agreement. The grant is a Round 4 HIV/AIDS grant to Tanzania that will provide $103 million over the first two years. The main Principal Recipient (PR) for this grants is also the PR for a deeply troubled Round 1 grant, but the Fund says that this is acceptable because different Sub-Recipients will be used.


Excerpts from Grant Scorecards

23 May 2005

As reported above, the Global Fund Secretariat provides confidential Grant Scorecards to board members during consideration of "Phase 2 renewal" of grants that are approaching the end of their second year.


Global Fund Grants are Three Months Behind Schedule, on Average

5 May 2005

Global Fund grants are, on average, three months behind schedule, according to an analysis conducted by Aidspan, the NGO that publishes GFO.


CCM Authority over PRs

24 Apr 2005

In many countries, there has been considerable uncertainty regarding the extent to which the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) has authority over the Principal Recipient (PR). Accordingly, the Board added to the CCM Guidelines a number of paragraphs that are supposed to clarify things.


Global Fund is Flexible With Countries Affected by Tsunami

1 Feb 2005

The Global Fund has informed Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India, the four countries most seriously affected by the December 26 tsunami, that it is willing to be flexible in how their grants are implemented.


The Global Fund's "Slow-Moving" and "Well-Performing" Grants

18 Oct 2004

In an analysis by GFO of all 212 Global Fund grants for which a grant agreement has been signed, 25 grants were identified as "slow-moving" and 22 were identified as "well-performing".