Fund explores next generation financing models

21 Jan 2016
The Global Fund is co-chairing a working group with the CGD
No commitments have so far been made

The Global Fund is cautiously exploring the idea of introducing one or more next generation financing models. These are models where the basis for payments to implementers is changed from expenses (the way the Fund currently operates) to outputs, outcomes, or impact.


Implementer Group provides a forum where issues of concern to implementers are discussed

12 Jan 2016

Although the Implementer Group is not formally part of the governance structure of the Global Fund Board, it nevertheless plays an important role at and between Board meetings.


Global Fund in three-pronged approach to resource mobilization

2 Apr 2015
Next replenishment will kick off with pre-meeting in Japan in December 2015

Japan has volunteered to host a pre-meeting for the Global Fund's 5th replenishment conference, kicking off the major resource mobilization effort in December 2015 ahead of the official launch of replenishment in mid-2016.


Africa Bureau one step closer to fruition after 31st Board meeting

19 Mar 2014
The hub still faces resource challenges and has not yet found a home

Representatives from African implementing countries took a step closer in March towards the inauguration of a regional bureau that will help coordinate and harmonize communications on the continent in order to be better positioned to influence decision-making by the Global Fund Board.


Aidspan Releases Q&A on the Global Fund's New Grant Architecture

14 Jul 2010

Aidspan has released a seven-page question and answer sheet (Q&A) on "Grant Consolidation and the Single Stream of Funding." The purpose of the Q&A is to provide a basic understanding of the concepts of grant consolidation and the single stream of funding, and of how Global Fund applicants and implementers will be affected.


Ugandan Official Inquiry Condemns Minister

29 Jun 2006

A Ugandan Presidential commission of inquiry into misuse of Global Fund money has concluded that the man who has just been replaced as Uganda's Minister of Health, Maj. Gen.