Study Assesses Global Fund Support for Human Rights Programming

18 May 2010

The Global Fund is supporting programmes that address HIV-related human rights issues; however, countries do not appear to be using this opportunity to establish and scale up all of the programmes needed to reduce stigma and discrimination and increase access to justice in national responses to HIV.


US Withdraws Requirement That Affected Global Fund Grant Recipients

23 May 2005

After receiving protests from some US NGOs and queries from the media, Ambassador Randall Tobias, head of the US's bilateral AIDS program PEPFAR, withdrew a newly-published US requirement which stated that non-governmental recipients of Global Fund grants "must have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution." The requirement was the latest in a steadily escalating set of conditions placed upon recipients of US AIDS grants.


Two Giants Learning to Dance Together

23 May 2005

When you have a donor giving billions of dollars for AIDS, politics inevitably raises its head from time to time. And when you have two such donors, and they're working out how to dance with each other, the politics gets heavier. This has certainly been the case with the Global Fund and the US's PEPFAR program.