Global Fund to end funding for HIV services in drug treatment centres in Viet Nam

6 Jan 2014

The Global Fund will cease funding HIV treatment services operating in compulsory drug treatment centres in Viet Nam.


Human rights, women and children, and sexual minorities dominate discussion at African AIDS meeting

17 Dec 2013
ICASA 2013 addressed issues that align with the Global Fund’s funding priorities

“Now More Than Ever: Targeting Zero,” was the theme of the 7-11 December International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA 2013), urging activists and policymakers not to lose sight of the goal of an AIDS-free generation.


Funding Approved for Phase 2 of HIV Grant in Bosnia and Hercegovina

22 Mar 2013
Greater focus on high-impact interventions and most-at-risk populations
Increased attention to human rights issues

The Global Fund Board has approved Phase 2 funding for a Round 9 HIV grant in Bosnia and Hercegovina in the amount of $13.5 million. The principal recipient (PR) for the grant is the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). UNDP is also PR for another HIV grant, which has been essentially completed, and for a TB grant in Bosnia and Hercegovina.


HSS Reference Guide; FBO Manual; CSAT Action Alert; Resource Kit from WHO and UNAIDS

23 Aug 2011

HSS Reference Guide for Round 11 Proposals Released


New Publication Provides Varied Perspectives on the Global Fund

9 Aug 2011

In Indonesia, the dependency of the government on foreign aid is a matter of great concern. Global Fund money is used by the government as an excuse not to allocate government funding for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.


Global Fund Launches Its SOGI Strategy

20 Sep 2010

The Global Fund plans to monitor and publicise cases where funding proposals have been, or might be, rejected due to policy environments where human rights violations are impeding the implementation or impact of interventions against AIDS, TB and malaria. This is one of the highlights of the Global Fund's policy and implementation plan on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO


The Global Fund at AIDS 2010 in Vienna

14 Jul 2010

A large symposium session on "The Global Fund: Proving Impact, Promoting Rights" will be held at the upcoming XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) in Vienna, Austria, on 18-23 July 2010.


Study Assesses Global Fund Support for Human Rights Programming

18 May 2010

The Global Fund is supporting programmes that address HIV-related human rights issues; however, countries do not appear to be using this opportunity to establish and scale up all of the programmes needed to reduce stigma and discrimination and increase access to justice in national responses to HIV.


US Withdraws Requirement That Affected Global Fund Grant Recipients

23 May 2005

After receiving protests from some US NGOs and queries from the media, Ambassador Randall Tobias, head of the US's bilateral AIDS program PEPFAR, withdrew a newly-published US requirement which stated that non-governmental recipients of Global Fund grants "must have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution." The requirement was the latest in a steadily escalating set of conditions placed upon recipients of US AIDS grants.


Two Giants Learning to Dance Together

23 May 2005

When you have a donor giving billions of dollars for AIDS, politics inevitably raises its head from time to time. And when you have two such donors, and they're working out how to dance with each other, the politics gets heavier. This has certainly been the case with the Global Fund and the US's PEPFAR program.