#FillUpTheFund #MeToo #WHA72 $13 billion (PRODUCT) RED (RED) 5% Initiative 5th replenishment 6th Replenishment 7% Initiative 15% flexibility 20th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa 40th Board 41st Board meeting 42nd Global Fund Board meeting 90-90-90 2014-2016 2014-2016 allocations 2017 Executive Director Nominations Committee 2017-2019 2017-2019 allocation 2017-2019 allocation period 2017-2019 allocations 2017-2019 funding cycle 2017-2022 KPI Framework 2017-2022 People Strategy 2017-2022 Strategy 2017–2019 allocations 2017–2022 Strategy 2018 2018 work plan 2019 operating budget 2020 Eligibility list 2020-2022 allocation cycle 2020-2022 allocation period 2020-2022 Allocations 2020-2022 funding cycle : Business model : catalytic investments : Civil society : Interim E.D. : Key populations : KPIs A4A Aaron Motsoaledi Abdourahman Diallo Abidjan abortion above allocation above allocation requests absorption absorption capacity absorption rate Absorptive capacity Abuse Academia Access access to funding access to medicines Accountability ACCSI Achieving Impact ACT ACTION ActionAid International Action Aid Malawi action plans Activism activists activities ACTs Addis Ababa Additional safeguard policy Additional Safeguards Policy Ade Fakoya Adele Sulcas adherence adolescent girls adolescent girls and young women adolescents Adolescents and youth advance market commitments Advisory Report Advisory review Advocacy AFC AFD Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria Africa Africa bureau Africa Health Business African Constituencies African Constituency Bureau African development African Leadership Meeting African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions African Population Health Research Center Africans for Africa African Union Africa Union AFROSAI-E age equality Agence Francaise du Developpement agreed management actions AGYW aid Aid effectiveness AIDES Aid for AIDS International AIDS AIDS 2016 AIDS 2018 AIDS Conference AIDS deaths AIDS financing Aidsfonds AIDS Foundation South Africa AIDS Healthcare Foundation AIDS levy Aidspan Aidspan Board Aidspan Chair Aids treatment AIDS Watch Africa Alan Whiteside Albania ALEP Algeria alignment Allan Maleche Alliance Alliance for Public Health allocation allocation formula allocation letters Allocation methodology allocation methodology 2020-2022 Allocations allocations allocations-based model Allocations letters 2020-2022 allocations methodology Allocations Model allocations policy allocation utilization allocation utilization period Amanda Dushime Amandine Henry AMAs AMFm AMFm AMR Amref AMSHeR Amsterdam ANC and Co-financing policy Android AngloGold Ashanti anglophone Africa Angola Annals of Global Health Annie Lennox annual funding decision annual report Antenatal care anti-corruption anti-microbial resistance antimalarials antimicrobial resistance Antiretroviral antiretrovirals Antiretroviral therapy antiretroviral treatment Antirétroviral APCASO APHC API APLMA_Malaria APMG Health Appeals Apple Applicant Handbook application Application approaches application materials application programming interface applications Appointment appointments appraisal Appropriations bill approval ARASA Argentina Armenia ART ART artemisinin artemisinin-based combination therapies artemisinin combination therapies Artemisinin resistance ARV ARV ARVs ARV treatment Asia Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health ASP assessment asset and liability management Assets assurance attitudes Audit Audit and Ethics Committee Audit and Finance Committee audit institutions auditors audits Australia AVAC Azerbaijan Baaba Maal BACKUP BACKUP Health Bangladesh barriers Bed net bed nets Behaviour change Beijing Aizhixing Institute Belarus Belgium Belize Bolivia Benin Bernard Rivers best practices Beyond Zero Bhutan bids bilateral bilateral aid Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Blended finance BLNC BMGF Board Board approvals Board Chair Board committees Board decisions Board leadership Board Leadership Nomination Committee Board Leadership Nominations Committee Board leadership selection Board meeting Board Resource Committee Board Retreat Bolivia Bolivia (Plurinational State) Bono Bosnia and Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana bottlenecks Brazil BRICS bridge funding Brookings Institution budget Budget 2017 Budgetary Resources Budget Framework Budgeting for grants Budget Narrative budget utilization Bulgaria Bureaucracy Burkina Faso Burundi Business Model By-Laws of the Global Fund C-CAMP C.A.R. Call for Proposal calls for proposals Cambodia Cameroon Canada capacity Capacity Building CAR CAR-LAC Care Caribbean Caribbean Community Secretariat CARICOM-PANCAP CARN TB Case detection case finding case management case notification Cash-Shortage cash transfers catalytic funding catalytic funds catalytic investments Catholic Relief Services CBM CBO CBOs CCM CCM. CCM Code of Conduct CCM differentiation CCM endorsement CCM Evolution CCM Evolution pilot CCM evolution project CCM Funding CCM governance CCM guidelines CCM Hub CCM maturity levels CCM oversight CCM Policy CCMs CCM secretariats Central Africa Central African Republic Central America Central and West Africa constituency Central Asia Centre for Global Development Cervical cancer Chad chair challenge fund challenging environments challenging operating environment challenging operating environments Charlize Theron Chatham House CHAZ CHE Chelsea Clinton Chemonics Chevron chief editor Children China CHPS Christelle Boulanger Christoph Benn Churches Health Association of Zambia Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) CHW CHWs citizen participation city models Civil society Civil Society Action Team Civil society delegations Civil Society engagement Civil Society Engagement Mechanism Civil Society Institute civil society organizations Civil Society Principal Recipient Civil Society Principal Recipients Network civil war Clinton Foundation Cloud computing cmm CNLS co-financing co-financing incentive Co-Financing Policy co-financing requirements Co-infection co-morbidities Coca-Cola Coca Cola Code of conduct Code of Conduct for CCM Members Code of Conduct for Employees Code of Conduct for Suppliers COE COE policy COEs cofinancing COI collaboration Collaborations Collusion Colombia Comic Relief Commercial sex workers committee appointments committee leadership committees committee selection commodities commoditization Communicable disease communications Communications focal point communities Communities Board Delegation Communities delegation community Community-based approach Community-based Health and Planning Services community-based monitoring community-based organizations community agents Community delegation community empowerment Community engagement community groups community health assistants community health strategy community health worker community health workers community malaria volunteers Community Monitoring Community of Practice community resilience community systems community systems and responses community systems strengthening community system strengthening Comoros competitive applications complaints mechanism compliance component Comprehensive Funding Policy Compulsory treatment centers Concentrated epidemics concept note concept notes conditions precedent condoms Conference Conference on HIV scicne Conflict Conflict of interest Congo Congo (Democratic Republic) Congress Congressional appropriations Consolidated proposal Consolidated transformation plan Constituencies constitutional right to health consultants consultations Contractors Contribution contributions contributive vs. attributive controls conversion Core portfolio Corporate corporate social responsibility corporate work plan Corporate Workplan correspondents corruption corruption Corruption quiz cost cost-reduction incentives Costa Rica costing cost of medicines counselling and testing counterpart finance Counterpart financing countries strategic engagement Country-level management country-level reporting Country applicants country coordinated mechanisms country coordinating mechanism country coordinating mechanisms country coordination mechanism country data systems country dialogue Country engagement country funding Country offices country operating plans Country ownership country presence Country programs Country review country support country team country teams County Coordinating Mechanism County Coordinating Mechanisms CREFIAF CRG CRG special initiative CRG Strategic Initiative crises cross-cutting expertise cross-cutting issues CSO CSOs CSR Cuba culture Curatio International Foundation Currency currency fluctuations current health expenditure cuts Côte d'Ivoire Côte d’Ivoire Dakar dashboard Data data analysis database data collection Data Explorer data falsification Data management data quality Data Service data sheet data systems David Garmaise David Oyelowo David Sergeenko Deborah Birx debrief Debt2Health Debt2health Debt conversion debt relief Decision point decisions deliberations Demand driven targets Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Democratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Korea Denmark Developed country NGO delegation Developing Countries Developing country NGO delegation Development development assistance development impact bond Devex Devi Sridhar DFID diagnosis Diagnostic review diagnostic testing dialogue Diana Gashumba Dianne Stewart differentiated applications differentiated approach differentiated approaches differentiated models differentiation differentiation for impact disbursement disbursements disbursement utilization Disclosure policy discrimination disease-affected communities disease burden Disease burden region classification Disease component Disease Coordinator Interviews Disease split dismissal Displacement disruptions diversion of funds diversity training Djalo Mele Djibouti domestic co-financing domestic commitments domestic contributions domestic finance domestic financing domestic funding domestic investment domestic investments domestic resource mobilization domestic resources Dominican Republic Donald Kaberuka Donald McNeil Donald Trump donor assistance donor base Donor bloc Donor Countries donor financing donor funding Donor Relations Donors Donor Voting Group DOTS double-billing DPRK DR-TB Dr. Tedros DRAF-TB DRC drones drought Dr Tedros drug-resistant malaria Drug policy Drug policy reform drug resistance drug shortages drug susceptibility testing Drug theft drug traceability drug use DS-TB DST Dual-track financing dual track financing due diligence e-learning e-marketplace E.D. E.D. search E.D. selection EAI EANNASO Early applicants Early warning system East Africa Eastern and Southern Africa Eastern and Southern Africa constituency Eastern Europe Eastern Europe & Central Asia Eastern Europe and Central Asia Ebola ECHO Ecobank ECOM economic consequences Ecuador ECUO Editor EDNC Ed Sheeran Educate Girls EECA efficiencies EGC Egypt EHRN election Elections elibilibility Eligibility Eligibility criteria Eligibility List Eligibility List 2020 Eligibility policy Eligibility requirements elimination El Salvador Elton John AIDS Foundation emergencies Emergency emergency fund emergency preparedness emerging economies Emerging themes Emmanuel Macron EMMIE Employee Handbook empowerment endmalaria Engagement ENGAGE TB Enhanced financial report EOI EPA epidemiology Equatorial Guinea equitable access Equitable contribution framework equitable finance Equity Eritrea ERP erratum essential services Eswatini Ethics ethics and codes of conduct Ethics and Governance Committee ethics and integrity Ethics and Integrity Framework Ethics Office Ethics Officer Ethiopia Eurasian Coalition on Male Health Eurasian Harm Reduction Association Eurasian Harm Reduction Network Euro Health Group European Commission Evaluation evaluations Evaluation strategy evidence base Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes Executive director Executive Director Nomination Committee Executive Director Nominations Committee Expertise France experts expiries Expression of interest expressions of interest extensions Extensively Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Extensión external audit external audit guidelines external auditor external audits External Relations external risk index facilities Family planning famine Fast-Track Cities FBO Federal Ministry of Health feedback female sex workers Fiduciary risk Fifth Replenishment Fiji Filipe da Costa finance Finance and Audit Committee Finance and Operational Performance Committee Finance reforms financial commitments financial controls Financial irregularities financial irregularity Financial management financial mismanagement financial obligations financial resources Financial resources mobilization financial risk financial statements Financial support Financing financing for development FIS fiscal agent fiscal agents Fiscal Year 2020 flexibility FMoH focused portfolios FOPC forecasting Forecast of uncommitted assets Foreign aid Foreign assistance foreign exchange Foreign Relations forex Former Soviet Union countries forms FPM fragile states framework agreement framework contracts France Francoise Vanni Francophone Africa Francophone African countries fraud Fraund French French Speaking Friends of the Global Fight Friends of the Global Fund Frontline AIDS Fullerton Health Foundation full requests full review full review approach Funding funding allocation Funding availability funding award Funding awards funding gap Funding Mechanisms funding model funding policy funding request funding request guidelines funding requests Funding Request Status Tracker funding target Funding the Fund Fund portfolio management Fundraising Funds funds absorption future FY2020 G-20 rule G7 G8 G8 Summit Gabon GAC GAC. Grant Approvals Committee Gambia Gap Gates Gates Foundation GATHER GAVI Gay GBCHealth GBV gender gender-based violence Gender based indicators Gender Equality gender equality strategy Gender equality strategy plan Gender identity Gender inequality Gender policy Generic Drugs George Georgetown University Georgia Germany Get Back on Track GFA Consulting Group GFAN GFATM GFO GFO editor Ghana Ghana / OIG / supply chain / data collection / reporting Ghana Health Services girls GIZ GIZ / CCM / technical support/ HSS / grant management GIZ BACKUP Health Global Action Plan Global AIDS Alliance global disease split Global executive search Global Financing Facility Global Fund Global Fund / development partners / recipient countries Global Fund Advocate Network Global Fund Advocates Network Global Fund Board Global Fund Director of External Relations Global Fund Disease Coordinators Interview Series Global Fund Documents policy Global Fund donation Global Fund e-learning Global Fund Executive Director Global Fund funding cycle Global Fund Governance Culture Initiative Global Fund grant audit Global Fund grants Global Fund Observer Global Fund partnership Global Fund Replenishment Global Fund Secretariat Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 Global Fund Youth Council global gag rule Global Health Global Health 50/50 Global Health Campus Global Health Council global health financing Global Health Governance Global Health Group at the University of California San Francisco global health security Global Village GMS GNI GNI per capita GNP+ Goalkeepers report Goodbye Malaria Good practices governance Governance Action Plan governance oversight Government Grant grant-making grant absorption Grant agreement grant agreements Grant allocations Grant application Grant Approval Grant Approval Committee Grant approvals committee grant audits Grant consolidation Grant Disbursement grant efficiencies grant extension Grant extensions Grant impact Grant Implementation grant implementation cycle grant implementation period Grant Implementers Grant improvement grantmaking Grant making grant management Grant Management Assurance Framework Fraud grant management system grant monitoring grant operating system Grant over-allocation Grant oversight Grant performance Grant Portfolio Grant Portfolio pages Grant Proposal grant rating Grant recipients Grant renewal Grant replenishment Grant reprogramming grant revisions grants grants behind schedule Grants Management Division Grants Performance Grant suspension granular data Greater Mekong Greece Guatemala Guidance Guide guidelines Guinea Guinea-Bissau Gunilla Carlsson Guyana Haiti harm reduction Harm Reduction Council Harm Reduction International Head of Investigations Health Accounts health advocacy health and community systems Health and Human Rights Journal Health assistance Healthcare system healthcare workers health crisis health facility assessments Health Financing Health GAP health management information system health management information systems Health Policy Watch health products health sector management Health services health spending health system health systems Health Systems Strengthening health system strengthening health workers health workforce HEARD HEINEKEN Here I Am campaign HER initiative HER Voice HER Voice Fund HFA HFFG high-burden high-level meeting High-level panel high-risk high-risk environments high burden high impact High Impact Africa High Impact Africa 1 High Impact Africa 2 High Impact Asia high impact countries High Impact interventions High Level Meeting high net worth individuals Hispaniola HIV HIV/AIDS HIV and AIDS HIV care continuum HIV financing HIV peer counselor HIV prevalence HIV prevention HIV resources HIV services HIV testing HIV treatment HMIS Homophobia homosexuality Honduras hospitals House Appropriations Committee HRG HRH HSS humanitarian humanitarian aid humanitarian crisis human resource management human resources human resources for health human rights human rights-related barriers to access human rights and gender Human Rights Protection IAEN IAS IBM and India HIV/AIDS Alliance IBRD ICASA ICASO iCCM Ida Hakizinka IDD IDU IHF IHP IHPAU iLearn ILO images Impact impact bonds Impact evaluation Impact project Impact through Partnership Impact Water implantable PrEP implementation implementation arrangements Implementation Through Partnership implementer Implementer bloc Implementer Group implementers implementer voting group Implementing countries implementing partners improvement plans in-country absorption in-country optimization In-kind donations Inadequate capacity incarceration Incentive funding incentives incidence Income Classification income level Increased funding India India Health Fund India TB Research Consortium Indicative and incentive funding Indicators Indirect cost recovery policy Indonesia Indonesia's National AIDS Commission Indoor residual spraying ineligible expenditures infection rate Information Information notes information tool INGO injection drug users innovation innovative finance innovative financing insecticide-treated nets / counterfeit / OIG / tender / procurement insecticide resistance Insecurity Inspector general Inspector General integrated approach integrated community case management Integrated service delivery integration integrity due diligence Intellectual Property Inter-American Development Band Interim applicants Interim Funding internal audit internal controls International AIDS Alliance International AIDS Conference International AIDS Economics Network International AIDS Society International appeal International Bank for Reconstruction and Development international comparisons International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa(ICASA) International Council Of Aids Service Organizations (ICASO) International Development Association International Harm reduction Association International HIV/AIDS Alliance international NGO International Organization for Migration International Planned Parenthood Federation International support Intervention INTOSAI investigation investigations Investing in Health Investment Investment and Impact Committee investment case Investment for health Investment for impact Investment Management investments IOG IOM iOS IP IPPF Iraq IRS Isaac Awuondo ISD ISIS Island states isoniazid preventive therapy I Speak Out Now I Speak Out Now! I Speak Out Now campaign IT Italy iteration iterations ITP ITPC Jamaica Jamaica (Latin America James Deutsch Japan Jean Pierre Nyemazi Jesse Boardman Bump Jim Tulloch JIT Logistics John Busch John Fairhurst Joint funding approach joint statement Jordan JustGiving JVR Prasada Rao Kaiser Kaiser Family Foundation KANCO KAP KAPs Katie Hodson Kazakhstan KELIN KEMSA Kenya Kenya Christian Professional Forum Kenya Medical Supplies Authority Kenyan High Court Kenyan penal code Kenya Red Cross Kenya Red Cross Society key affected popula Key affected populations Key Correspondent Team Key performance indicator key performance indicators key population key populations key populations CSOs key risk matrix keys populations KFF Khuat Thi Hai Oanh KPI KPI 12b KPI framework KPIs KP REACH KP sensitivity KRCS Kyrgyzstan LAC Lagos Lagos State Lancet Lancet Commission on Malaria Eradication Lancet Commission on Tuberculosis lapsed funding last mile Latin America Latin America & the Caribbean Latin America and Caribbean Latin America and the Caribbean Latin American and Caribbean delegation Law enforcement laws leadership leaks least-developed countries Lebanon legal barriers module Legal environment Legislation Leif Rommel Lesotho lessons learned LFA LFAs LGBT LGBTQ liabilities liaisons Liberia Life saving services Lindsay Smith linezolid linkages Lithuania Lives saved LLIN LLINs LMIS loan buy-down loan buy-downs local fund agent Local Fund Agent (LFA) local fund agents local markets Lombard Odier London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine long-lasting insecticidal nets loss Losses low-income Low Absorptive Capacity low income Loyce Maturu lubricants Lucica Ditiu Lyon. Lyons M&E Macedonia Macedonia. Madagascar Mahidol University Malaria Malaria malaria cases treated Malaria control Malaria elimination Malaria Elimination Initiative malaria resistance malaria resurgence Malawi Malaysia male circumcision Mali management management actions Manoj Kumar Marie Stopes International Marijke Wijnroks Marijke Winjroks Mark Dybul market-shaping strategy market dynamics market shaping Market Shaping Strategy MARPS Master Plan matching funds material change Matthew Kavanagh maturity maturity levels maturity scale Maurine Murenga Mauritania Mauritius MCDs MDG MDR-TB MDR TB Mechanics of application Media Medicaid Medicare meeting membership MENA Men who have sex with men MER Mesoamerica message from the Executive Director methadone methodology Mexico City Policy MHSA Michel Kazatchkine mid-term middle-income middle-income countries Middle East and North Africa middle east response middle income migrants Mike Pompeo milestones Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) miners minimum required level Minimum requirements Mining Communities mining sector Ministry of Health Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Misappropriation misappropriation of funds Mismanagement missing TB cases misuse of funds MK-8591 MNCH mobile app mobile application mobile money Mobile Population modelling Modular Approach Modular framework modular framework handbook modular template Module Moldova monetary policy monitoring Monitoring and evaluation Montenegro Montreal MOPH Morocco mosquito nets Most-at-risk populations Mouhamadou Diagne Mozambique MPWs MSF MSF; Sustainability MSL MSM MST multi-country multi-country approaches multi-country disbursements multi-country grants multi-country requests Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis multi-purpose workers Multicountry Asia Multicountry Eastern Europe - Central Asia (EHRN) multicountry grants Multicountry MCC Multicountry MENA multilateral Multilateral agencies multilateral funders multilateralism Murad Hirji Mutambara Foundation Myanmar Médecins Sans Frontières NACOSA NACP Namibia National AIDS Control Program national AIDS strategy National Budgets National Department of Health (NDoH) National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS national health insurance National Health Insurance Scheme National Health Policy 2017 National Institutes of Health National Malaria Control Program national medical stores National Medical Supply Fund national programs national reference laboratories national results National standards national strategic plan national strategic plans National strategy application national strategy financing National systems National Treasury NBC News Ndileka Mandela needle and syringe programmes Nepal networking Networking Zone New Delhi New Funding Model New funding opportunities New pledges New Year 2020 New York Times New Zealand NFM NFM Drawbacks NGO NGO Delegation NGO rule NGOs NHIS Nicaragua Nick Jackson Niger Nigeria NIH Nita Lowey nited States Senate Appropriations Committee NMCP NMSF no-cash policy nomination committee nominations non-CCM non-CCM approach Non-communicable diseases non-compliant non-compliant expenditures non-eligible component non-eligible countries in crisis Non-Government North Korea Norway NRL NSA NSP NSP pilots nurses Nutrition objectives Observateur du Fonds mondial Observatorio Latino ODA office of inspector general Office of the Inspector General Office of the Inspector General. audit Official Development assistance OFM OHMaSS OIG OIG OIG / Whistleblower / corruption / fraud / transparency OIG Advisory OIG audit OIG investigation report OIG Progress Report Online course Open data Open Health Institute Open society foundations operating budget Operational and implementation research operational controls PRs Operational expenses Operational guidance operational objective operational objectives operations opex opioid substitution therapy opportunistic infections orders Organisation Haitienne de Marketing Social pour la santé Organizational Risk Register Osian Jones OST OST treatment protocols OTIF outcomes outcomes-based financing out of pocket payment out of pocket payments outreach OVC oversight oversight committee oversight plans oversights assessment Oxfam PAAR paced reductions Pacific paediatric HIV drugs PAHO Pakistan Palestine Palladium Panama Pan American Health Organization PANCAP Papua New Guinea Paraguay parallel structures parameters Paris Declaration participation Participatory approach partner engagement Partners Partnership Partnership forum Partnership forum partnerships partnerships agreements Partnership strategy patient retention Paul McGarrick PCB PCEs people-centric supply chains People living with HIV People living with the disease people who inject drugs people who use drugs People with disabilities PEPFAR PEPFAR Performance performance-based financing Performance-based funding performance agreement Performance analysis performance appraisal performance appraisals performance assessments Performance framework performance indicators Performance measurement Peru Peter Sands Pharmaceutical industry Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 2 renewal PHCC Philanthropy Philippines phishing Photo contest photographers photography Physician for Human Rights PIAG Pilot project Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn plagiarism Plan International planning platform Pledge Pledge guarantee for health pledges Pledges and contributions Pledging Conference PLHIV PMI PMTCT PMU policy Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) Policy Change Policy making Political advocacy political commitment political declaration Political Declaration on Tuberculosis Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage Political environment political unrest pooled procurement pooled procurement mechanism Poor Countries Population Action International population growth Population Services International Portfolio Committee portfolio management portfolio optimization post-disbursement controls Poverty PPM PPPs PQR PR pre-conference pre-financing pre-identified applicants pre-meeting pre-shaped Predatory legislation pregnant women PrEP Preparatory Meeting President's Budget 2020 President Donald Trump President Trump President’s Malaria Initiative prevalence prevention prevention of mother-to-child transmission prevention packages prices Pricing Principal Recipient principal recipients priorities Prioritization prioritization framework prioritized above-allocation request prioritized above allocation request Prioritized Action Plan prisoners prisons Private donation Private partners Private sector Private Sector and Nongovernment donors private sector contribution private sector engagement private sector partnerships Private Sector pledges privileges and immunities Privileges and Immunities Advisory Group proactive investigation process procurement procurement and supply management Procurement Service Agents PRODUCT(RED) Product (RED) Product Red program continuation program continuation requests program gaps Program implementation program management program management unit Programme based funding Programme Coordinating Board Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) program quality program risk Programs intergration program split program splits Progress report Projected demand projected transitions Project Implementation Unit Projection Project Last Mile Proposal Proposal approval Proposal development Proposal guidline Proposal Life-cycle prospective country evaluations Prostitution Protesters PRS prévention PSAs PSI PSM public-private mix Public-private partnership Publications Public domain public donors Public health Public Health Centre of Ukraine public health system Public sector PWID qualitative adjustment qualitative adjustments quality assuarance policy quality assurance quality data quality of services R&D RAI Raks Thai Foundation Randall Tobias rapid diagnostic test rapid diagnostic test kits ratings Ratodero RBF RBM Partnership RCC RCM RCN RCNF RDT RDTs Readership survey readiness Recipients recommendations recoveries Recoveries Committee Recovers recovery Recruitment reducing packaging reflections refugee Refugees Regional Regional application Regional Artemisinin-resistance Initiative Regional Bureau regional concept note Regional Coordinating Mechanisms regional dialogue regional dialogues Regional grant regional grants regional hubs regional initiative Regional Malaria Elimination Initiative regional mechanisms Regional Organizations regional platform regional platforms regional program Regional programs Regional project Regional proposal regional proposals regions registers Regulatory framework reliable data remuneration Replenishment Replenishment conference replenishment cycle Replenishment meeting Replenishment Partner Update Report Reporting representation repression Reproductive Health reprogramming Republic of Congo Republic of Sudan Research research and development Resilient and Sustainable Health System resilient and sustainable systems for health resistance Resource Mobilization Resource Mobilization Action Plan Resource Mobilization Committee Resource Mobilization Strategy Resources restricted financial contributions result-based financing Result monitoring Results results-based financing Results and Impact Results based results report Results Report 2019 RESULTS UK retention Revenues review Review and Recommendation Form review process Revised National TB Control Programme of India Revised prioritisation criteria RFIs RFP RFPs RFSU Richard Curtis Richard Horton rights Rights-based approach Rights abuses Rights and Gender Risk risk-taking risk appetite risk appetite framework risk culture risk identification risk management risk matrix risk mitigation RMB Partnership to End Malaria RMEI RMNCAH road map roadside vendors Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund Robert Matiru Rockefeller Foundation roles Roll back malaria Rolling continuation channel Romania rotation Rotation-based selection system round-table rounds-based approach rounds-based system routine data RSSH Russell Reynolds Associates Russia Russian Russian Federation Rwanda Rwanda Ministry of Health SAGE SAI SAIs Salaries salary incentives salary kickbacks salary top-ups Salud por Derecho SANAC SANRU SAT Save the Children save the date saving lives SC scale Scale-up scaling up scorecard Scott Filler SDG3 SDG 3 SDGs search Second window Secretariat Secretariat. CSOs Secretariat data Secretary of Health and Human Services Secrétariat section 162 section 165 security Security and defense forces seed funding selection of Board chair and vice-chair selection process Selection processes Self assessment Senegal Senior Digital Architect senior disease coordinator Serbia Service delivery Service delivery area service provision service quality services Seth Faison set rotation sex-disaggregated data sex disaggregated data Sexual harassment Sexual minorities Sexual orientation Sexual violence sex workers Shadow Report sharing knowledge SHFa SHIFT shortened grant shortened grants Shortened Grants extension Sierra Leone SIIC simplified applications process Sindh province Single-stream-of-funding SIP Sir Elton John Sir Richard Feachem Sixth Replenishment Skills smear-positive TB cases smear-positive TB cases SNRL Social Alpha social businesses social contracting social contracting diagnostic tool social contracting mechanism social impact bond social media social success notes social support SOGI Somalia sourcing Sourcing department sourcing processes South-African Government South-East Asia South Africa South African National AIDS Council South East Asia Southeast Asia Southern Africa Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT) Southern and Eastern Africa South Sudan Spain Spanish speak out campaign special initiative Special initiatives spending Spending targets SR SR Sri Lanka SRs STAGE Standards of operation State Department STC STC Policy Stephen Fry Step up the Fight STI Stichting Cordaid Stigma stigma and discrimination stock-outs stock management stockouts Stop TB Stop TB Partnership Storage storage facilities Strategic direction strategic framework Strategic Fund strategic initiative strategic initiatives Strategic objective Strategic Objective 2017-2022 Strategy strategic objectives Strategic performance Strategic plan Strategic Review 2015 strategic review 2017 strategic reviews Strategy Strategy 2017-2022 Strategy Committee strategy implementation reporting strategy planning strengthening community Sub-CCM sub-recipient sub-recipients Sub-Saharan Africa submission windows sub recipients Sudan supply chain supply chain management Supply Chain Strategy Supply chain systems supply management systems Supply Operations Support supporting documents supranational reference laboratories Supreme Audit Institution Supreme Audit Institutions Suriname Survey survey data sustainability sustainability plan sustainable development sustainable development goals sustainable financing for health Sustainable HIV Financing in Transition sustainablility Swaziland Sweden Swiss Tropical Institutes Switzerland Syria Syrian Arab Republic System-wide approach systems strengthening TA Tabitha Saoyo Tags: Technical Review Panel tailored tailored approach tailored requests tailored review tailored to material change tailored to transition Tajikistan Takeda Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Tanzania Tanzania (United Republic) Tanzania and Turkmenistan target Targeted funding Target population targets Tata Trusts tax policy TB TB TB-MDR TB TB/HIV TB case detection TB cases TB cases treated TB drugs TBpeople TB preventive treatment TB screening TDR technical assistance technical evaluation reference group Technical merit technical parameters technical partners technical review panel Technical Review Panel (TRP) Technical support Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tender tenders TERG TERG documents procedure termination date Terms of reference test-and-treat TFM Thailand Thandie Newton the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Economist Theft the Global Fund The Lancet thematic review thematic reviews Thembisa model the Stop TB Partnership The Union third party This article provides a summary of the main decisions made by the Global Fund Board at its 9–10 May 2018 meeting in Skopje threshold Timor-Leste TNCM Togo Tom Price Tomsk Top-ups TORs TPA Framework TPT TRA tracking trade pacts Trained health workers training training events Trans-Pacific Partnership Transaction cost Transformative approach Transgender transgenders Transition Transitional funding Transitional funding mechanism Transition and Co-financing Transition and Co-financing policy Transition and Co-Financing Policy; procurement; Pooled Procurement Mechanism; Stop TB; Global Drug Facility transition funding Transition Management Transition period transition plan transition planning transition preparedness Transition Preparedness Assessment transition preparedness tool transition readiness assessment transitions translation Transparency travel costs travel expenditures Treasury management treatment Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) treatment as prevention Treatment Campaigns treatment protocal Trevor Noah TRP Trump Tuberculosis Tuberculosis Tunisia U.K. U.K. replenishment U.N. U.S. U.S. Congress U.S. government U.S. investment UBS Optimus Foundation UCSF Uganda Uganda NGO bill UHC UHC Forum UK Ukraine Ukrainian Ministry of Health Ukrainian Red Cross Society UMI UMICs UNAIDS UNAIDS Fast-Track strategy Under-Funding undetectable viral load UNDP UNFPA Unfunded demand Unfunded quality demand Unfunded quality demand register UNGA UNICEF Unilever UNITAID United Kingdom United Kingdom pledge United Nations United Nations Development Program United Nations General Assembly United Nations HLM United States United States pledge United States SFOPS Universal Health Care universal health coverage unused funds update Upper middle income UQD UQD register Uruguay USAID use of data US Government Accountability Office utaMorocco Uzbekistan vacancy Vaccine vaccines Value for money Venezuela Vice-Chair Vietnam Viet Nam ViiV Healthcare village malaria workers violence viral load Viviana Mangiaterra volunteer work VPP vulnerable populations Wambo wambo.org watchdog Watchdogs way forward WCA Website WEF Werner Buehler West Africa West and Central Africa Western and Central Africa Western Pacific WHA Whistleblowing WHO WHO Academy WHO Framework Agreement WHO World Malaria Report willingness to pay willingness to pay. Eligibility and Counterpart Financing Policy window Window 1 window 2 Winnie Byanyima Wits Health Consortium Women Women and children women and girls Women in Global Health Working groups work plan World Aids Day 2019 World Bank World Economic Forum Africa World Economic Forum on Africa World Health Assembly World Health Organization WorldMalariaDay World Malaria Report World Malaria Report 2018 World TB Day World Vision World Vision Malawi WTP XDR-TB XDR TB Ukraine Yemen young women youth youth-friendly services Yunus Social Business Zambia Zambia HIV program Zambia Ministry of Health Zanzibar Zenysis Zenysis Technologies Zero Cash Policy Zimbabwe Zimbabwe AIDS Network ZNAN ‘Get Back on Track’