Date Published: 
Tue, 2018-05-15
Aidspan convened a two-day roundtable meeting on Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) involvement in Global Fund grants based on a multi-country case-study in Cameroon, Malawi and Rwanda. Participants were representatives of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and their umbrella organization (AFROSAIe), implementers, Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) and civil society partners of Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia, as well as those from the Global Fund Office of the Inspector General, the Secretariat. Participants discussed the situation in the five countries represented and identified challenges and opportunities of the SAI involvements in the Global Fund grants audit. Participants emphasized the importance that SAIs be involved in the audit of Global Fund grants provided the SAIs meet established criteria and standards especially those required by the Global Fund. Such involvement would promote capacity strengthening of the SAI, improve accountability of the implementers, better visibility of the grants and offer information for decision makers.
Nathan Mugume & Djesika D. Amendah