The Research department is key to Aidspan's role as analyst and explainer of the Global Fund’s systems, processes and outcomes. With a strategic aim (2014-2016) to increase understanding and provide feedback on the New Funding Model (NFM) to strengthen the roll-out process and make it more effective, the Research team produces working papers, peer reviewed articles, reviews, reports and analyses of the processes, effectiveness and impact of the Global Fund and its activities. Aidspan relies on a small team of in-house researchers and external collaborators with expertise in health economics, epidemiology, governance, health systems strengthening, and Global Fund processes among others. Aidspan is developing collaborations with research institutions and other policy- focused organizations. We are currently developing an internship program to develop the capacities of young researchers from East Africa. Aidspan research publications aim to provide accurate unbiased results that can be used by governments, NGOs, researchers, and donors. All Aidspan publications are open access. We welcome suggestions for articles and research collaborations.

Recent Reports

Domestic financing for HIV, TB and malaria in Global Fund High Impact Asia countries
31 Jul 2019
The Global Fund programs in challenging monetary environment: Example of Zimbabwe
12 Jul 2019
Domestic financial contributions to HIV, TB, and malaria
05 Feb 2019
Global Fund Investments in Adolescents and Youth in Eastern and Southern Africa for the years 2018-2021
16 Oct 2018
Data collection and use in Global Fund grants: a multi-country report
01 Aug 2018