This page explains the glossary of some of the terms used and methodology used to create Aidspan's perfomance rating tool.


Aidspan uses the regions as defined by the Global Fund - see ??
  • Type of PR

    type of Principal Recipient

  • CS/PS

    Civil society/ private sector;

  • CS/FBO

    civil society/ faith-based organization

  • NGO

    civil society/ nongovernmental organization

  • CS/PS - PS

    civil society/private sector organization

  • CS/PS - OTH

    civil society - other (ie non of the above)

  • GOV - MOF

    Government - Ministry of Finance (or equivalent)

  • GOV - MOH

    Government - Ministry of Health (or equivalent)

  • MO - OTH

    Multilateral organization - other than UNDP

  • MO - UNDP

    Multilateral organization - United National Development Programme