21 May 2010

Aidspan will issue the English version of Volume 2 of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to the Global Fund" within the next few days. French-, Spanish- and Russian-language versions should be available about two weeks after that.

"Volume 2 - The Applications Process and Proposal Form" will contain details on the Round 10 applications process and will provide guidance on filling out the proposal form. The guidance will include numerous extracts from proposals approved for funding in previous rounds. There will be two separate versions of Volume 2 - one for single-country applicants and one for multi-country applicants.

"Volume 1 - Getting a Head Start," is already available. Volume 1 provides guidance on how CCMs can manage the proposal development process, including the process of soliciting in-country submissions; and discusses factors that potential applicants should consider if they plan to submit a regional or Non-CCM proposal. In addition, Volume 1 describes what initiatives the Global Fund will support; explains who is eligible to apply; summarises the applications process; and provides a series of links where potential applicants can obtain information concerning the development of the technical content of their proposals. The information on technical content is considerably expanded from Aidspan's Round 8 guide. Finally, Volume 1 provides a list of documents that the Global Fund recommends applicants read before they prepare their application.

Volume 1 of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to the Global Fund" is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian at www.aidspan.org/guides. Volume 2 will be posted on this same site when it becomes available.

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