20 Jun 2011

Will be of interest to potential applicants

Contains extensive description of what is new for Round 11, including new eligibility criteria

Aidspan has released Volume 1 of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 11 Applications to the Global Fund." Volume 1 is entitled "Getting a Head Start." The English version of Volume 1 is available now for download on the Aidspan website here. The French-, Spanish- and Russian-language versions should be posted at the same site by the second week of July.

Volume 1 contains detailed descriptions of (a) what is new for Round 11 and (b) the new eligibility and prioritisation criteria, and the new counterpart financing requirements.

In addition, Volume 1 provides an extensive list of technical resources that applicants can use to help develop the technical content of their proposals. Further, Volume 1 provides guidance on how CCMs can manage the proposal development process, including the process of soliciting in-country submissions.

Finally, Volume 1 describes what initiatives the Global Fund will support; summarises the applications process; discusses factors that potential applicants should consider if they plan to submit a regional or non-CCM proposal; and provides a list of documents that the Global Fund recommends applicants read before they prepare their application.

Volume 2 ("The Applications Process and Proposal Form") will be released as close as possible to the launch of Round 11, expected on 15 August 2011. Volume 2 will contain more details on the Round 11 applications process and provide guidance on filling out the proposal forms.

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