11 Sep 2019
Related events at United Nations General Assembly; ‘5 days, 5 pledges’; Private Sector steps up; India increases contribution

As we count down the days to the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment Conference on 10 October, in Lyon, France, the rate of donors announcing pledges or intentions has increased. In this edition of the GFO and the next, we will publish a short news roundup summarizing the latest developments.

Global Fund and Replenishment-related activity at the UN’s 74th General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly to be held in New York from September 17 to 30 (with the first day of High-Level debate on September 24) is the organization’s annual meeting where major global agenda items are discussed, including progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This 74th UNGA also will host the first-ever High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Care (UHC) – see separate article in this GFO – intended to encourage global commitments to ensuring health for all. The UNGA is therefore considered a key moment on the road to Replenishment, with at least ten major events, sessions and side-sessions involving Global Fund participation.

The events involving Global Fund participation, many in partnership with other organizations, are:

22 September:

  • The TB Innovation Summit 2019, 13h00 to 18h00, Global Fund speaker is Executive Director Peter Sands
  • ‘Last Mile to Lyon’, organized by Global Fund Advocate Network, from 13h30 to 16h00, Global Fund speaker is Director of External Relations Francoise Vanni
  • ‘Putting the U in UHC – Financing for the Furthest Left Behind’, organized by the Global Fund and GAVI, 18h00 to 20h00, Global Fund speaker is Peter Sands.


23 September:

  • UN High-level Metting on Universal Health Coverage, 09h00 to 18h00, Global Fund participant is Peter Sands.

24 September:

  • ‘Filling the Gap: Successful Funding Models and Partnerships to Ensure a Community-led and Evidence-based Implementation of UHC for All’, 07h30 to 09h30, Global Fund speaker is Peter Sands
  • ‘Renewing Commitments towards Enhancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Africa’, 09h30 to 11h30, Global Fund speaker is Peter Sands
  • ‘UHC & Accountability: Mapping the Road towards the #UHCThatWeWant’, organized by APCASO, GFAN AP, GNP+, France, 10h00 to 12h00, Global Fund speaker is Vice Chair of the Board Lady Roslyn Morauta
  • ‘Stronger Collaboration, Better Health: Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Wellbeing for All’, organized by WHO, 11h30 to 13h00, Global Fund speaker is Peter Sands.


25 September:

  • ‘Data for Health Equity: Unlocking Health for All’, from 18h00, Global Fund speaker is Peter Sands.


28 September:

  • Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, from 14h00.


For more description and specific event locations read the Global Fund’s full news release…


‘5 days, 5 pledges’

Over five days at the end of August, five major government donors – Canada, the European Union, Germany, Italy and Switzerland – announced their pledges to the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment, all having increased their pledges relative to the last Replenishment. Switzerland pledged CHF64 million (increase of 12.3% increase), Italy pledged €161 million (increase of 15%), Canada pledged CAD 930.4 million (increase of 15.7%), the EU pledged €550 million (increase of 15.8%), and Germany pledged €1 billion (increase of 17.6%).

Read the Global Fund’s news release…


Private sector steps up the fight

At the World Economic Forum on Africa meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa, in early September, five private sector partners announced their pledges to the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment. The companies are Goodbye Malaria, which is supported by Nando’s (the cheeky flame-grilled chicken business, which originated in South Africa and is now international), Project Last Mile, GBCHealth, Zenysis Technologies, and Africa Health Business.

Goodbye Malaria has joined with other corporate partners in a pledge of 85 million ZAR (around $5.5 million) to expand a grant aiming to eliminate cross-border malaria transmission in Mozambique, South Africa and eSwatini. Africa Health Business has pledged to support the mobilization of African business, and Project Last Mile, GBC Health and Zenysis Technologies announced in-kind support and investments to increase the effectiveness of health programs through innovations.

Project Last Mile, a partnership created in 2010 between the Global Fund, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Coca-Cola Company (and joined in 2014 by USAID), leverages the beverage company’s logistical, supply-chain and marketing expertise to deliver supplies and medicines to hard-to-reach communities. The partnership announced its renewal for five years.

The Global Fund says that these co-investments combined will come to more than $23 million. The target for private-sector pledges to the Sixth Replenishment is $1 billion.

Read the Global Fund’s news release…


'India Makes Strong Commitment to the Global Fund'

On 3 September, India announced that it was increasing its commitment to the Global Fund for the next three years, with a pledge to the Sixth Replenishment of $22 million. Dr Harsh Vardhan, India’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare, made the announcement, encouraging other governments to contribute. India’s own investments in fighting the three diseases have been prominent recently, in light of its setting the goal of eliminating its TB epidemic – the largest in the world – by 2025. India’s efforts have also been in the spotlight since it hosted the Preparatory Meeting of the Sixth Replenishment in February this year.

Read the Global Fund’s news release…



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