11 Feb 2010

This article contains three excerpts from the Aidspan report on "Key Strengths of Rounds 8 and 9 Proposals" (see previous article).

Excerpt # 1: Key Strength 6 - Multiple Sectors in Service Delivery

Nigeria Malaria (Round 8, Category 2B)

TRP Comment: The implementation of the proposal intends to involve a wide range of partners such as line ministries and other sectors, including the private sector, NGOs and the communities.

The involvement of the private sector is described in Section 4.6.3(a) of the proposal form. Section 4.6.3(b) provides information on the financial contribution of the private sector to the programme included in the proposal. As well, a private sector consortium is one of the three nominated PRs; this PR is described in Section 4.9.1 of the proposal form. Finally, several private sector organisations will serve as SRs; this is described in Section 4.9.3 of the proposal form. Some of these organisations are foundations.

The involvement of the NGO sector is reflected in the choice of two nominated NGO PRs, described in Section 4.9.1 of the proposal form; and in the use of several NGO SRs, described in Section 4.9.3 of the proposal form.

Excerpt #2: Key Strength 12 - Gender

Bosnia and Herzegovina HIV (Round 9, Category 2)

TRP Comment: The proposal addresses gender discrimination and proposes activities to reduce gender inequality.

In Section 4.5.4, the Bosnia and Herzegovina CCM provides a clear and succinct description of how its proposal will address gender inequalities. The proposed activities include ensuring that gender-disaggregated data is obtained in surveillance programmes, ensuring that gender is integrated into the National AIDS Strategy, and providing training to improve competency on gender issues. As well, a review of policies and legislation will be undertaken with a view to addressing rights and protection for all vulnerable and marginalised populations.

Section 4.5.1 contains a number of gender-related activities, including plans to increase he capacities and leadership abilities of women in senior positions in the Ministry of Health; and plans to provide capacity building on gender programming for community-based organisations.

Excerpt #3: Key Strength 13 - Proposal Development

Cote d'Ivoire HIV and TB (Round 9, Category 2)

TRP Comment: Wide consultation and participation of many local and international stakeholders in the preparation of the proposal.

In Section 2.2.2(a), the Cote d'Ivoire CCM provides a thorough description of the process used to invite submissions. The process included a 12-day proposal development workshop and a call for mini-proposals. Section 2.2.2(b) outlines the process used to review the mini-proposals, including a brief description of the criteria used for the review. In Section 2.2.2(c), the CCM summarises the process used to involve people from outside the CCM.

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