27 Feb 2017
Funds are from a private foundation donor who wishes to remain anonymous

A private donor has provided $6 million to fund a gender-based violence intervention in South Africa. The intervention had been registered as unfunded quality demand (UQD).

In December 2016, the Global Fund signed an agreement with the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The money will top up two existing TB/HIV grants. The Global Fund Board recently approved $2.8 million for Grant ZAF-C-AFSA, for which the principal recipient is the AIDS Foundation of South Africa. The Board also approved $3.2 million for Grant ZAF-C-NACOSA, which is being managed by the Networking HIV/AIDS Community of South Africa. The Board was acting on the recommendation of the Grant Approvals Committee.

The additional funding will support the two PRs to deliver a comprehensive package of services for survivors of rape and sexual violence in 11 prioritized Thuthuzela Care Centres, which offer services and shelter to the survivors of gender-based violence. Using an integrated approach to treatment and care, the PRs will deliver gender-based interventions for gender-based and intimate-partner-violence survivors, with a focus on young women and girls and other key populations.

The additional funds will allow the two grants to increase their targets. The number of gender-based and intimate-partner-violence survivors provided with service packages will increase by 66,922, allowing the program to reach 248,550 survivors. The number of gender-based and intimate-partner-violence survivors provided with HIV testing and counselling will increase by 46,338, allowing the program to reach 159,966 survivors.

The $6 million investment is the fourth private sector investment in the UQD register since it was established.

Thuthuzela Care Centers

According to SANGONeT, the Southern African NGO Network, Thuthuzela Care Centers (TCCs) are one-stop facilities that have been introduced as a critical part of South Africa’s anti-rape strategy, aiming to reduce secondary trauma for the victim, to improve conviction rates and to reduce the cycle time for finalizing cases. The Thuthuzela integrated approach to rape care is one of respect, comfort, restoring dignity and ensuring justice for children and women who are victims of sexual violence. 

There are 50 TCCs across South Africa.

Except where otherwise noted, the source of the information in this article is GF-B36-ER06, the GAC’s funding recommendations to the Board. This document is not available on the Global Fund website.

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