10. NEWS
30 Sep 2007

Since late last year, a new publication, "Observatorio Latino", has provided web-based and email-based information in Spanish. According to Aid for AIDS International, the New York-based NGO that publishes it, Observatorio Latino has representatives in sixteen Latin American and Caribbean countries, and publishes information on how Global Fund money is made use of by its recipients.

The objectives of Observatorio Latino include monitoring PRs and Sub-Recipients and holding them accountable, identifying technical support needs for civil society organizations, sharing experiences and lessons learned, and informing the Global Fund when there are bottlenecks in grant implementation.

In order to ensure its independence, Observatorio Latino does not receive financial support from the Global Fund.

For further information, see www.ObservatorioLatino.org, or contact Enrique Chavez, Advocacy Director, Aid for AIDS International, enrique.chavez@aidforaids.org.

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