29 Jan 2013

The Global Fund will formally launch its new funding model (NFM) by the end of February, even as design work on the NFM continues. The Fund has not set a precise date for the launch.

By the end of February, a template for the concept note and guidelines to accompany the concept note will be made available. The Global Fund website will be updated with the latest information.

As reported previously in GFO, countries will participate in the application process for the NFM at different times, depending on their circumstances. The Global Fund has identified three types of applicants, as follows:

  • early applicants, which will be invited by the end of February to submit a concept note and go through the full application process;
  • interim applicants which meet at least one of the following criteria: (a) are considered by the Global Fund to be significantly underfunded; (b) face service disruption in 2013 and through part of 2014; or (c) are considered by the Global Fund to be “well positioned” for impact; and
  • standard applicants, meaning all other applicants, which will have an opportunity to apply when the NFM is fully implemented early in 2014.

The Global Fund wants to ensure that the list of interim applicants is diverse, geographically and in other ways. Once the list is finalised, the Global Fund will decide on the best way to grant new funding (i.e. through a concept note application process, through reprogramming or through Phase 2 renewal).

Consultations on the NFM have been underway since the middle of January, and more consultations are planned. So far, there has been a series of disease-specific consultations (TB, malaria, and HIV) and a consultation with people working in or interested in health and community systems, and gender and human rights.

In this last week of January, consultations were scheduled with representatives of people living with or affected by the diseases, with technical partners and with the Technical Review Panel. In the first week of February, a Board consultation is planned.

Regarding the Board consultations, GFO understands that it will consist of a series of open conference calls for board members, alternates, and focal points from all constituencies.

The Secretariat will be using its website as the main platform for communicating information on the NFM to a broader audience. A dedicated space on the website will contain general reference materials, such as policies,  an applicant’s guide to the transition, information notes and FAQs. The Secretariat told GFO that the concept note template and guidelines for applying will be available on the site “for reference only”; and that applicants invited to participate in 2013 will be given further and more specific guidance on how to apply. This guidance for early and interim applicants will not be the same.

By the end of January, the Board’s Finance and Operational Performance Committee will determine how much money is available for the NFM transition; and the Board’s Strategy, Impact and Investment Committee will approve the indicators for the formula to create the “significantly underfunded” list for use in identifying early applicants and interim applicants.

By the end of February, training on the NFM for the country teams in the Secretariat will be underway.

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