5 May 2017
Nomination Committee formed; road map developed

The Global Fund Board has officially launched a new executive director selection process. It was launched on the second day of the Board’s 37th meeting on 3-4 May in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Board tried to select a new executive director in late 2016 and early 2017 but had to abandon the process (see GFO article).

The Board has created a 2017 Executive Director Nomination Committee (EDNC) and has appointed nine members to the committee, as follows:

Michèle Boccz, Chair
Vinand Nantulya, Vice-Chair
Ala Alwan, member
Sara Boulton, member
Joanne Carter, member
Julie Essien, member
William Steiger, member
Peter Felix, independent member
Reinhard Tittel Gronefeld, independent member

Except for the two independent members, all members of the EDNC are from Board delegations.

The goal is to select the new E.D. by the Board’s November 2017 meeting (currently scheduled for 14-15 November). The new E.D. will replace Dr Mark Dybul, whose term expires at the end of May of this year. Dr Marjorie Winjroks has been appointed Interim E.D. effective 1 June. She will continue in that position until the new E.D. is selected (see GFO article).

The Global Fund has established a selection process road map. Here are some of the key milestones:

8 May – Request for proposals for executive search firm

3rd week of May – Appointment of executive search firm

7-18 June – Placement of job advertisements in several leading international publications

End August – EDNC meets to initially review applicants and candidates

First half of September – First round of EDNC interviews, to be followed by enhanced due diligence and psychometric testing for the short-listed candidates

End September – Second round EDNC interviews (final list of candidates recommended)

October Board retreat – EDNC report is provided to Board

Late October up to November Board meeting – Constituency engagement with final candidates

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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