10 Mar 2014
Training for country stakeholders planned for the third quarter of 2014

Audits conducted by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) should be completed within 18 weeks, and investigations within 20 weeks, according to its new communications strategy.

The strategy describes a seven-stage process for audit reports – from advance notice to countries through to publication of the final report. The strategy also contains a nine-stage process for reports on investigations. Both products will now include a fact-checking stage, and a post-publication tracking system to ensure timely implementation of agreed actions.

As part of the communications strategy, the OIG has developed new templates for its audit and investigation reports. From the second quarter of 2014, reports will be shorter and more concise, concentrating on key material risks. Corrective actions will be agreed with the Secretariat before a report is published.

Audit reports will also include a new 'self-identified findings” section and a five-step ratings system that assesses a country's plan to address OIG findings: measures that are designed to “encourage good behavior”.

Elements of the communication strategy include a redesign of the OIG's web pages in the second quarter of 2014 and a multimedia whistleblowing campaign in the third quarter of 2014. Also planned for the third quarter are training events for grant recipients, country coordinating mechanisms, Secretariat country teams and local fund agents. There were no details about the training in the communications strategy.

Read the article in French. Lire l'article en français.

Read this article in French. Lire l'article en français.

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