4 Sep 2018
Conference program, summaries and a variety of articles are cataloged

The 22nd International AIDS Conference took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 23 to 27 July 2018. A selection of topics emanating from the conference, which is referred to as ‘AIDS 2018,’ have already been reported by GFO (see list below). Many other organizations also covered and participated in the conference, and they have produced a wealth of interesting and useful articles and resources related to AIDS 2018. The team at GFO has curated the best and most relevant of these resources for our readers in this article. Enjoy!

From the Global Fund and its partners


From the conference organizers, the International AIDS Society:

  • Rapporteur Summaries. These are daily summaries covering all five tracks of sessions (A)Basic and Translational Research, B) Clinical Research, C) Epidemiology and Prevention Research, D) Social and Political Research, Law, Policy, and Human Rights, and E) Implementation Research, Economics, Systems and Synergies with Other Health and Development Sectors) as well as the Global Village and Youth Programme and Community and Leadership thematic area.
  • AIDS 2018 Live. Here readers can find videos of key sessions and daily highlights from the conference.
  • Programme Online. The entirety of the AIDS 2018 program can be found here, including oral abstract sessions, posters, satellite session, and plenaries. Slides and videos are available for most oral abstract sessions.
  • YouTube channel. Here you’ll find a large catalogue of professionally-produced videos from the conference.
  • Conference website. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, the official conference website is a wealth of information.


Blogs from CSOs, NGOs, and community networks


From other sources

Social media aggregates


From the Global Fund Observer


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