23 Mar 2012

There is a critical need to cut down on bureaucracy at the Global Fund and to improve the speed of disbursements. This is one of the key messages contained in a letter to General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo sent on 5 March 2012 by more than 50 member organisations of the Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN).

"We urge you to move away from the risk-averse approach that has slowed down action at the Secretariat in recent years," GFAN said in the letter. GFAN called on Jaramillo to find an appropriate balance between risk management and the urgent need to provide services to people.

The letter welcomed Mr Jaramillo to the Global Fund and expressed a desire to work with him during what GFAN described as "a critical time" in the Fund's history. GFAN said that it strongly supports Mr Jamarillo's focus on resource mobilisation. It said that the most urgent priority is to ensure that there is an opportunity in 2012 for donors to pledge additional funding, and to ensure that work starts on designing a new funding opportunity for applicants.

GFAN said that the Global Fund must remain committed to being a demand-driven, results-focused, and people-centred entity, "rather than an organization at the mercy of donor country politics."

In its letter, GFAN also called for:

  • a full assessment of the impact of the cancellation of Round 11;
  • a more aggressive communications and media strategy; and
  • a stronger working relationship between the Global Fund Secretariat and stakeholders at country-level.

GFAN told Mr Jaramillo that efforts to strengthen the Fund "should be inspired and guided by new evidence that shows we can end the three epidemics with the right investments and the necessary political will." When the Global Fund implements the Consolidated Transformation Plan, GFAN said, it should "go beyond a narrow focus on systems and fiduciary control. With bold vision and the right changes, you will help chart a course for this accomplished institution to become the Global Fund to End AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria."

The full text of the letter is available here. The text includes the list of the organisations that signed the letter.

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