1 Sep 2012

The Civil Society Principal Recipients Network (CSPRN) is inviting all civil society PRs to send representatives to the network’s annual meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, on 8–12 October 2012 (maximum two representatives per PR).

The CSPRN advises interested persons to contact their fund portfolio managers (FPMs) as soon as possible to seek prior approval for participation costs (travel, accommodation and meals) that can be covered by the project being supported by the Global Fund.

The CSPRN was formed in 2008 to provide a forum for non-governmental PRs to share best practices and lessons learned implementing Global Fund grants. This year’s meeting will focus on better grant management and will include a site visit to an ongoing project.

The CSPRN has invited senior staff from the Global Fund Secretariat to attend parts of the meeting.

Further information, including a letter of invitation, can be obtained from the CSPRN co-chairs: Marieta de Vos (email) and Michael Kachumi (email).

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