17 Oct 2015
Governance Performance Assessment Framework is adopted by the Board

The Global Fund will institute a formal process for evaluating the performance of the Board, Board committees and the leadership of both. Stakeholders and external parties will be involved in the evaluations.

This is part of a Global Fund Governance Performance Assessment Framework adopted (see GF/B33/EDP 18) by the Board on 21 September by electronic vote. The framework will be partially implemented in 2015, and fully implemented in 2016.

Once it is fully implemented, the framework will consist of four key components. The first consists of self-assessments of Board committee functioning and management (after each committee meeting). The second involves annual assessments of the performance and effectiveness of the committees, and will include an online survey for committee members; a 360o online survey completed by relevant stakeholders; 360o interviews for committee members and relevant stakeholders; a “moderate” review of documents and presentations; and direct meeting observation of non-sensitive topics by the party that is conducting the assessments.

(In a workplace environment, the term “360o” refers to people above, below and on the same level who are knowledgeable enough to rate an individual’s performance.)

The third component involves annual assessments of the performance and effectiveness of the Board itself, and will include steps similar to those outlined above for committees.

The fourth component is an assessment of the performance and assessment of the leadership of the Board and the committees. This will be done in parallel with the second and third components.

The online surveys for Board and committee members and the 360o surveys and interviews will be conducted by a third party, yet to be identified.

The results of the 2016 assessments will be presented to the Board at its first meeting of 2017.

For 2015, the assessments will involve only the committees and will include only the online elements of the framework (i.e. not the interviews). The assessments will use tools that are either currently available or that are being developed by the Transitional Governance Committee. The assessments, which will be overseen by the TGC, will take place as the committees meet prior to the next Board meeting.

The Board is expected to approve an enhanced governance structure at its meeting on 16-17 November.

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