14 Jan 2019
This level of funding would help save 16 million lives, build stronger health systems by 2023, and cut mortality rates from the three diseases in half

On January 11, 2019, Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands announced the $14 billion fund-raising target set for the organization’s Sixth Replenishment, which will take place in Lyon, France, in October 2019.

The announcement, based on a summary of the Sixth Replenishment Investment Case, was made in Paris by Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands, led by an “expression of support” by French President Emmanuel Macron, and alongside World Health Organization Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and French Minister of Solidarity and Health Dr Agnes Buzyn.

The Investment Case lays out what a fully-funded Global Fund could achieve, the new threats global health is facing, and the risks ahead “if we don’t step up now”.

The summary of the Investment Case has brought up mixed reactions from members of civil society, with some stating that the Investment Case is not ambitious enough with respect to the existing needs and gaps within the HIV, TB and malaria responses.

We will report more fully on the Investment Case for the Sixth Replenishment in the next edition of the GFO.

See the Global Fund’s own news release on the announcement, and UNAIDS’ 14 January 2019 call to fully fund the Global Fund.

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