23 Dec 2008

The Global Fund has released 40 case studies that it has commissioned into the work of 19 CCMs. Each case study tackles just one of eight topics. The topics, and the CCMs studied for each topic, are as follows:

  • Topic 1: Conflict of interest within the CCM: Cambodia, Honduras, Mali
  • Topic 2: Oversight of grants by the CCM: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Peru, Caribbean (RCM), Bulgaria, Tajikistan
  • Topic 3: CCM Secretariat funding: Cambodia, Honduras, Mali
  • Topic 4: The PR and sub-recipient selection process: Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Romania
  • Topic 5: Partnership and leadership: Malawi, Zambia, Peru, Honduras, Nigeria
  • Topic 6: Harmonisation and alignment: Cambodia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria
  • Topic 7: CCM-PR-LFA communications: Zambia, Peru, Nigeria, Mali
  • Topic 8: CCM governance and civil society participation: Cambodia, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Honduras, Romania, Tajikistan

For each of the eight topics, the Fund has also released one mini-report (which summarizes the findings of all the case studies within that topic) and one two-page information brief (which summarizes the mini-report).

Finally, all of these are collectively summarized in a report entitled “A Report on the Country Coordinating Mechanism Model,” which in fact was released before the case studies, mini-reports and briefs, and appears to be slightly less up to date. (See GFO Issue #95 for a description of the report.)

All of these documents are available at www.theglobalfund.org/en/ccm/studies. To access one of the case studies, click on the coloured square represents the relevant topic and country.

Each case study was based on a review of relevant Global Fund documents, in-depth interviews with stakeholders in-country, and a focus group discussion in each country with some key CCM constituencies.

Some of the key findings have already been reported in the above-mentioned GFO Issue #95.

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