26 Jun 2008

The Global Fund board delegation that represents Communities Living with HIV, Tuberculosis and Affected by Malaria (the "Communities" Delegation) is seeking nominations for additional members.

The Global Fund board has three members who represent civil society. One of these represents "Communities". At Global Fund board meetings, each board member is accompanied by up to nine delegation members, who help him/her with work at and between board meetings, and might eventually become the board member. Board delegation members are unpaid, though sometimes their expenses are covered.

People interested in being considered for membership of the Communities delegation are invited to contact Leila Tavakoli (ltavakoli@aidsalliance.org) or Shaun Mellors (smellors@aidsalliance.org), first to seek additional information about the position, and then, if interested, to submit applications.

Delegation members should:

  • Be living with HIV and/or living with or had TB and/or living in a community affected by malaria.
  • Understand the work of the Global Fund.
  • Have email and phone access.
  • Have good written and spoken English.
  • Be able to devote 10 - 15% of their working time to this role.
  • Be willing to serve for three years, from August 2008.
  • Submit completed applications by Friday 18 July 2008

The delegation is looking for nominations from all regions of the world, especially West/Central Africa, South East Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. Women living with and affected by the diseases are strongly encouraged to apply.

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