15 Oct 2012
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On 12 October 2012, the Global Fund Secretariat submitted a paper containing options and recommendations for the design of the new funding model to the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (SIIC) of the Global Fund Board. The SIIC will discuss the paper at its meeting in Geneva of 24–26 October 2012.

At its meeting in September, the Board approved in principle the broad elements of the new funding model (see GFO articles here and here) and asked the SIIC to submit a more detailed design for approval at the Board meeting scheduled for 14–15 November.

Before the paper was prepared, the Secretariat and the SIIC conducted consultations with the various Board delegations, primarily by teleconference. Although participation in these teleconferences was open to members of the Board constituencies who were not part of the delegations, space was limited. In addition, the teleconferences were organised quickly, with little advance notice. Using the Discussion Page on its website, Aidspan is providing an opportunity for a wider consultation on the proposed design of the new funding model.

The paper submitted to the SIIC is divided into seven parts, which Aidspan describes as follows:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Length of Grants and Length of Allocation Periods

Part 3: Country Bands

Part 4: Applications Process

Part 5: Awarding Incentive Funding and Managing Unfunded Quality Demand

Part 6: Pilot Testing

Part 7: Next Steps

The paper also contains five annexes providing additional details.

Because the paper is an internal Global Fund Board document, and therefore not officially public, Aidspan is not able to reproduce the paper in its entirety on its website. However, Aidspan has obtained permission to summarise the contents of the paper and annexes for the purposes of this consultation.

On its Discussion Page, at www.aidspan.org/page/discussion-page, we provide summaries of each part of the paper. Some of the summaries include information from the annexes. Visitors to this site can read the summaries. They can also provide comments on three of the summaries:

Part 3: Country Bands

Part 4: Applications Process

Part 6: Pilot Testing

Visitors to the site can also reply to the comments of other visitors. (Note: In order to comment, you must log in or, if you don’t already have an account, you must create one. This is a painless process; it is used to reduce spam.)

In addition, Aidspan has prepared summaries of the information contained in two of the annexes. Links to these summaries are provided in the summary of Part 3: Country Bands.

All readers are welcome to comment and give feedback, but we especially encourage past or present implementers, future applicants to the Global Fund, and any other stakeholders to give their queries, advice or comments freely and without judgement.

Aidspan will summarise all comments received by 19 October and provide the summary to the SIIC and the Secretariat. Discussion can continue beyond 19 October; however, comments received after 19 October will not be reflected in the summary. A copy of the summary will be posted on the Aidspan Discussion Page as soon as it is ready.

Join the discussion at www.aidspan.org/page/discussion-page.

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