10 Jan 2012

The English-language version of "The Aidspan Guide to Applications under the Global Fund's Transitional Funding Mechanism" is now available at www.aidspan.org/guides. French-, Spanish and Russian-language versions should be posted by the end of January.The deadline for applications under the TFM is 31 March 2011.

The guide is designed to assist applicants with questions on the proposal form that may not be entirely clear, and to provide guidance on how responses to the questions can be structured and on what needs to be included to ensure a full response.

Unlike the guides Aidspan has produced for the last few rounds of funding, which were in two volumes, "The Aidspan Guide to Applications under the Global Fund's Transitional Funding Mechanism" covers everything we think applicants need to know in a single volume.Also, there is no separate version of the guide for multi-country applicants because the proposal forms for single- and multi-country applicants are almost identical.

The following is an extract from the guide's table of contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What's New for Applications under the TFM?

Who Is Eligible to Apply under the TFM?

Duration of Funding

Two Pools of Funding



Health Systems Strengthening

Consolidated Proposals Mandatory for Some Applicants

Single Stream of Funding Agreements and Grant Consolidation

Changes to the Proposal Form and Guidelines

Chapter 3: General Information on the TFM Applications Process

Guidelines for Proposals

Eligibility Criteria and Counterpart Financing Requirements

Information Notes and FAQs

Versions of the Proposal Form

Documents that Form Part of Your Application

Process for Submitting a Proposal

The TRP Review

Some Key Concepts Used in All Proposals

General Guidance on Filling Out the Proposal Form

Chapter 4: Guidance on Specific Sections of the TFM Proposal Form

Chapter 5: Guidance on the Attachments

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