For transitions to be successful, governments have to be ready to take over programs previously supported by the Global Fund, EECA dialogue concludes

5 Oct 2015
Advocacy was high on the agenda of the dialogue

Transitioning away from Global Fund support is about money, of course, but it  is much more about the readiness of national systems to take over all services currently covered by the programs financing by the Fund.

Гражданское сообщество призывает к ответственному переходу на внутреннее финансирование ВИЧ и ТБ в странах ВЕЦА

1 Sep 2015
На совместном заседании разработаны указания на переходный период для представителей всего региона,наиболее пострадавшего от методологии распределения финансов по НМФ

Рабочая встреча,проходившая 21-22 июляв Стамбуле,имела целью разработать более детализированное руководство по вопросам устойчивости программ ВИЧ и ТБ для стран Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии, так как большинство из них готовится к тому, что подразумевает неизбежное дальнейшее снижение поддержки со стороны Глобального Фонда.


Civil society urges responsible transition towards domestic funding of HIV and TB in EECA

18 Aug 2015
Joint meeting provided guidance on transition to representatives from across the region hardest-hit by NFM allocation methodology

A workshop hosted on July 21-22 in Istanbul aimed to provide more nuanced guidance to the countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia on sustainability of HIV and TB programs, as most of them are bracing for what they see as an inevitable further reduction in their support from the Global Fund.

Толчок к инвестированию в общественные системы в ВЕЦА с Учетом Переходного Периода

12 May 2015
Новая программа технической поддержки во главе с Международным Альянсом по ВИЧ/СПИД в Украине

Стремясь укрепить локальный потенциал по адвокации существующих ресурсов, имплементации и мониторинга программ перед завершением доступности поддержки Глобального Фонда для стран региона, Международный Альянс по ВИЧ/СПИД в Украине будет возглавлять новый региональный проект по технической помощи в Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии.


With eye on transition, a boost to investment in community systems in EECA

4 May 2015
New technical support program will be led by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance - Ukraine

Seeking to bolster local capacity to advocate for resources, implement and monitor programs ahead of countries' graduation from Global Fund eligibility, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine will lead a new regional technical assistance project across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.The project will be supported by the Global Fund's Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Special Initiative and will run through 2017.


Eastern Europe and Central Asia moving forward in NFM process

15 Apr 2015
A round-up of where most of the 16 countries are

Sixteen Eastern European and Central Asian countries (EECA) will submit a total of 27 concept notes to the Global Fund under the new funding model, to access their share of the $659 million allocated to the region. For some of these countries, this is likely to be their last allocation of Fund grants as they transition out of eligibility towards state-funded programs for the fight against HIV and TB.


Civil society urges increase in domestic spending on HIV across Eastern Europe and Central Asia

21 Jan 2014
The call comes amid heightened concern about anticipated cuts by Global Fund from 2016

A Georgia-based NGO has launched an online petition it hopes will attract regional support for a greater push by governments to fill the anticipated vacuum that will be left once the Global Fund no longer commits significant financial support to a majority of EECA countries.


Eastern Europe/Central Asia network chooses in-country partners for its regional harm reduction project on HIV in EECA

29 Nov 2013
Five NGO partners from Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Tajikistan were selected by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network

The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network issued a tender in September 2013 for in-country partners to implement the regional programme, "Harm Reduction Works. Fund it!" Developed as part of the network's concept note for the transition phase of the new funding model, the programme seeks to facilitate effective regional advocacy for harm reduction among injected drug users across five countries in EECA.