Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter Sands outlines the importance of the Global Fund

16 May 2020
The Executive Director shared the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis and how it affects and will influence the reflection on the next strategy.

In keeping with tradition, Peter Sands opened discussions at this 43rd meeting of the Global Fund Board. Held virtually with a lighter agenda, this meeting was above all an opportunity to look back at the unprecedented global health crisis the world is currently facing and how the Global Fund has responded to prevent the very serious effects anticipated.


TERG report to Global Fund Board highlights the TERG’s Strategic Review 2017 and prospective country evaluations

15 Nov 2017
New TERG Documents Procedure will mean greater public access to TERG reports

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group, or TERG, submitted its report to the Global Fund Board ahead of its 38th meeting on 14-15 November. The report principally provided updates on the TERG’s Strategic Review 2017 and the launch of prospective country evaluations. In addition, the report mentioned the establishment of a TERG Documents Procedure, which provides a framework for making TERG documents available to the public again.


The Global Fund launches its Prioritized Action Plan in efforts to enhance its risk management and project performance efforts

19 Dec 2016
The Fund believes that the Prioritized Action Plan or PAP, will improve the impact of the programs it finances

In May 2016, The Fund launched its Prioritized Action Plan-PAP to assist the Secretariat and the Board to monitor, assess and oversee the implementation of its strategy to achieve impact with the investments it makes. It was submitted to the Fund’s committees in June 2016 and the GF Board in July 2016, however, a number of the initiatives captured in the PAP were started in late 2015 and in early 2016.


Deficiencies in national supply chains hinder Global Fund grants operations

15 Dec 2016
Global Fund issues an update on sourcing and supply chain matters

In-country supply chains for many drugs and health products currently face end-to-end challenges, including issues related to forecasting and quantification, storage and inventory management, distribution, quality assurance, and information management and reporting.


Trois grandes priorités des circonscriptions africaines reprises dans la nouvelle mouture de la stratégie du Fonds mondial

5 Jul 2016

Le Conseil d’administration du Fonds mondial a adopté - à l'unanimité et sous les applaudissements - sa nouvelle stratégie pour la période 2017-2022 lors de sa 35e réunion du Conseil d’administration, qui a eu lieu à Abidjan, en Côte d'Ivoire.


Global Fund Board approves new framework to monitor the Fund’s performance

21 Jun 2016
New strategic indicators form the top level of a three-tier framework

On 15 June, The Global Fund Board adopted a new key performance indicator (KPI) framework to track how well the Fund is meeting the aims of its 2017-2022 strategy.

The framework consists of three tiers, the top one of which consists of 12 strategic KPIs. The second and third tiers consist of implementation KPIs and thematic reporting, respectively (see figure). Collectively, the three tiers constitute a complex monitoring system.


Explanation of The Global Fund’s new strategic KPIs

21 Jun 2016
New strategic indicators form the top level of a three-tier framework

When, on 15 June, The Global Fund Board adopted a new key performance indicator (KPI) framework (see GFO article in this issue), it also approved 12 strategic KPIs. The strategic KPIs form the top tier of a three-tiered framework. This article contains a description of the strategic KPIs.


Freshly minted Global Fund Strategy hits critical priorities of Africa constituencies

21 Jun 2016

The Global Fund Board passed its new Strategy for the period 2017-2022 – unanimously and to the sound of applause – during its 35th Board Meeting in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. The Africa constituencies of West and Central Africa, and East and Southern Africa, were pleased to see the long process of developing the new Global Fund Strategy reach a successful conclusion.


Les questions liées aux communautés, aux droits et au genre ont une visibilité accrue mais démontrer leur impact reste un défi

23 May 2016
Les questions CGR ont reçu un appui majeur dans la nouvelle stratégie 2017-2022 du Fonds

Le Fonds mondial a réussi à sensibiliser à l'importance des questions liées aux communautés, aux droits et au genre (CRG) et à promouvoir l'inclusion des questions CRG dans les dialogues au niveau des pays et dans les notes conceptuelles. Cependant, le défi est maintenant de traduire ces avancées en impact des programmes sur le terrain.


Le Conseil adopte une nouvelle stratégie pour 2017- 2022 : « Investir pour mettre fin aux Epidémies »

9 May 2016
Une importance accrue donnée aux systèmes de santé, aux droits de l’Homme et à l’égalité de genre

Le Conseil du Fonds mondial a approuvé une stratégie pour guider l'organisation pour les six prochaines années.

« La stratégie du Fonds mondial 2017-2022: Investir pour mettre fin aux Epidémies » – s’articule autour de quatre objectifs stratégiques, comme suit: