Funding Reinstated for Suspended Philippines Grants

6 Apr 2010

The Global Fund has resumed funding for four of the five suspended grants to the Philippines, with different principal recipients (PRs) at the helm - and was expected shortly to sign an agreement with a new PR for the fifth grant. The five grants were suspended in September 2009, following evidence of unauthorised expenditures by the PR, Tropical Disease Foundation (TDF).


Secretariat Issues FAQs on Implementing Recent Board Decisions

11 Feb 2010

The Global Fund recently released a wide-ranging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on how to implement decisions made by the Global Fund Board in November 2009 concerning cost-cutting measures and the new grant architecture. The document is entitled "Grant Signing Frequently Asked Questions," though in fact it covers many issues beyond those related to grant signing.


OIG Report Lists Numerous Problems in Grant Implementation

11 Feb 2010

In every country audited by the Global Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) since 2006, there were numerous instances of principal recipients (PRs) not complying with clauses in their grant agreements. The Global Fund does not have mechanisms in place to monitor and enforce compliance with these clauses.


Global Fund Nervously Agrees to Use Same PR in Uganda, Despite Problems

18 Dec 2009

A review by the Global Fund's Inspector General of the Fund's grants to Uganda, four years after the Fund temporarily suspended five grants worth $213 million due to financial mismanagement, has concluded that the Fund should continue to use Uganda's Ministry of Financial Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) as Principal Recipient (PR).


Global Fund To Implement New Funding Architecture

16 Nov 2009

The Global Fund Board has decided to implement a new funding architecture in order to simplify processes for grant implementers. The centrepiece is the concept of a "single stream of funding" per PR per disease.


Global Fund Guidance Paper on CCM Oversight Misses the Mark

24 Oct 2008

The role of the CCM in overseeing the implementation of grants is not well understood by most CCMs. As a result, CCM oversight is not working in most countries.