Evaluation of Transition Phase Will Inform Full Rollout of the NFM

9 Apr 2013

The Global Fund will conduct a process evaluation of the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM) to enable the Fund to draw some conclusions and make adjustments for the full rollout of the NFM.

This information was contained in the Global Fund’s “Update on Results and Impact” report published on the eve of the Fund’s pre-replenishment meeting in Brussels, Belgium on 9–10 April.


Aidspan Launches Multilingual Website

22 Mar 2013

Since the start of Aidspan eleven years ago, our website (www.aidspan.org) has been almost exclusively in English. The website has been an important tool in our work of explaining, analysing and discussing various aspects of the Global Fund’s operations and structure. 


Additional Information on Transition Phase

11 Mar 2013

In an email sent to Board members on 7 March, Global Fund Executive Director Mark Dybul provided additional information on the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM). The email was in response to questions posed to the Secretariat since the NFM was launched on 28 February.


Country Dialogue is “Country-Owned and -Led”

1 Mar 2013

As the Global Fund describes it, the “country dialogue” is not something that the Fund created. The Fund says that the term describes a dialogue that already occurs, or at least should be occurring, among the country coordinating mechanism (CCM), implementers, technical partners, donors, governments, civil society and key affected populations.


New Code of Conduct for Recipients; Call for Nominations for Communities Delegation; New Report on Impact of Funding Shortfall

3 Oct 2012

Global Fund releases new code of conduct for recipients

The Global Fund has introduced a new code of conduct for recipients. The purpose of the new code is to establish the principles and standards of conduct required of all recipients of Global Fund grant funds.


Global Fund Aims to Improve Outcomes of Grant Renewal Process

15 Sep 2012

The Global Fund says that over the past few months, it has taken steps to improve the outcomes of the grant renewal process. This information is contained in a report prepared by General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo for the Board meeting in Geneva.


The Global Fund Needs to Manage the Relationship Among the Secretariat, the PR and the CCM

10 Sep 2012

In theory, country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) are a great idea. CCMs provide a forum for relevant stakeholders in a country to discuss the gaps in the national response to AIDS, TB and malaria, develop proposals for the Global Fund to address these gaps, nominate  principal recipients (PRs) to implement the programmes should the proposals be approved, and oversee implementation.


Aidspan Has a New Website and a New Logo

27 Aug 2012
Check out the new-look website: www.aidspan.org
New features include “GFO Live”

For ten years, Aidspan has had a website that has served us well, enabling us to carry out our mandate as a watchdog of the Global Fund. Through the website, we have been able to provide access to our many Aidspan guides and reports and our hundreds of GFO articles. The website has gained a wide audience over the years and has become an authoritative source of Global Fund–related information.


CSOs Express Concerns About New Funding Model Discussions

27 Aug 2012
Both the process and the substance have been questioned
The SIIC will discuss options this week

Concerns have been raised by civil society organisations (CSOs) about the process being followed to develop a new funding model for the Global Fund, and about the fact that most of the discussions have focused on formulas for allocating funding.


Global Fund Releases Additional Information on Changes to Grant Renewal Process

10 Jan 2012

The Global Fund has posted on its website information on changes to the grant renewals process as a result of decisions made at the November 2011 meeting of the Board. The information is available here.