The Imbalance Between Government and Civil Society in Global Fund Processes: A View from Thailand

26 Oct 2006

One of the key aspects of the Global Fund is the fact that the Fund permits, and indeed encourages, civil society to be actively involved in the governance and implementation of grants. However, over the past year or two, the Fund has increasingly been pushing for a more formal and a more standardized way of implementing grants.


Using Global Fund Grants to Finance Human Resources for Health

5 May 2005

The shortage of health workers in Africa has become recognized as the most significant constraint to scaling up health services, including for AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Countries outside Africa also face significant health workforce challenges. Meeting health workforce needs will require significant funds. The Global Fund is one important possible source for the financial resources required to support human resources.


Funding of CCM Secretariats

24 Apr 2005

The Board decided that when funding from partners cannot be found to pay the costs of operating a CCM Secretariat, it will be acceptable to finance the Secretariat out of Global Fund grants for up to two years, subject to certain conditions.