Dybul Explains Transition Disease Split

11 Mar 2013

Global Fund Executive Director Mark Dybul says that the disease split for the funding allocated to early and interim applicants in the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM) should not be viewed in isolation, but rather in the context of all funding for 2013–2014.


Global Fund Invites Myanmar to Request Additional Funding for Next Period of Its HIV Grants

1 Nov 2012

The Global Fund is encouraging Myanmar to ask for some new money in its request for continued funding for its two HIV grants, in order to permit a faster scale-up of antiretroviral treatment (ART). The encouragement came following a visit to Myanmar by General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo in August 2012.


Forecast of Uncommitted Assets Increases by $373 Million

15 Sep 2012
Global Fund projects uncommitted assets worth $1,428 million by end 2014; $2,112 million by June 2015
FOPC says forecast should be interpreted cautiously

The Global Fund is now forecasting that it will have uncommitted assets worth $1,428 million by December 2014. The forecast was prepared by the Secretariat and was presented to the Global Fund Board at its meeting on 13–14 September 2012. The forecast represents an increase of $373 million over the forecast presented to the Board at its 26th meeting in May 2012.


Deadline for Round 11 Applications Extended to At Least 1 March 2012

28 Sep 2011

Current estimates of funds available for Round 11 significantly lower than forecasted in May 2011

Funds might not be available until 4th quarter of 2013


TRP Recommends for Approval 89 Round 10 Proposals; Total 2-Year Cost Is $1.76B

15 Nov 2010

The Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has recommended that the Global Fund Board approve 89 Round 10 grants that, over their first two years, will cost $1.76 billion. This makes Round 10 the third largest round ever of Global Fund grants (after Rounds 8 and 9).


Donor Governments Pledge Record - But Insufficient - Amounts to the Fund

8 Oct 2010

Donors are expected to give the Global Fund about $11.7 billion over the three years 2011-2013. This is 20% more than the $9.7 billion that was pledged three years ago for the 2008-2010 period; but it is significantly less than the Global Fund says that it needs.


Two New Debt2Health Agreements Signed

8 Oct 2010

New Debt2Health agreements have been signed among the Global Fund and several countries. One agreement involves Australia and Indonesia; another involves Germany and Côte d'Ivoire. This brings the total number of Debt2Health agreements to four.


Demand for Round 10 Expected to Be Strong

24 Sep 2010

It appears likely that the demand for funding in Round 10 will be about the same as it was in Round 9. The Global Fund has released preliminary figures indicating that the total two-year cost for all Round 10 applications amounts to $4.36 billion.


Petition to Fully Fund the Global Fund Seeks 500,000 Signatures

20 Sep 2010

An online petition campaign has been organised in support of an effort to "fully finance" the Global Fund. The campaign is aiming to get 500,000 signatures by 30 September 2010. Organisers plan to submit the petition to world leaders at the Global Fund's replenishment meeting in New York on 4-5 October 2010.


Global Fund Seeks to Increase Contributions from Corporations and Foundations

14 Jul 2010

On 1 June 2010, the Global Fund issued a press release to announce that PRODUCT RED, the Global Fund"s largest private sector contributor, has now contributed more than $150 million to support Global Fund HIV/AIDS programmes in Rwanda, Lesotho, Swaziland, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa.