Global Fund Board approves additional funding worth $57.9 million through portfolio optimization, for grants in five countries

29 Apr 2020
More funding for Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uzbekistan for HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis

The Global Fund Board has approved $57.9 million to finance interventions listed on the Register of Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) for existing grants in five countries: Algeria (HIV), Ethiopia (TB), Ghana (malaria), Nigeria (TB), and Uzbekistan (TB) grants. The additional funding comes from the reallocation of unutilized funds from other existing Global Fund grants to other countries, termed ‘portfolio optimization’.  


OIG investigations into Global Fund grants in Nigeria and Indonesia confirm non-compliant expenditures totalling more than $200,000

29 Apr 2020
Allegations of salary-related fraud are rapidly increasing, OIG says


Global Fund has allocated an additional $43.3 million to existing grants in several countries for 'portfolio optimization'

18 Mar 2020
Funding goes to Kosovo, Middle East Response, Namibia, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Zambia


Classement des 20 pays ayant reçu les allocations les plus élevées du Fonds mondial pour la lutte contre les trois maladies

13 Mar 2020
Le Mozambique, l’Inde et le Nigeria se sont vu allouer les sommes les plus importantes au titre du VIH, de la tuberculose et du paludisme


A ‘top 20’ ranking of countries with the largest Global Fund 2020-2022 allocations for the three diseases

24 Feb 2020
Mozambique, India, and Nigeria received the largest allocations for HIV, TB and malaria


OIG Head of Investigations describes 'changing fraud landscape' in Global Fund grants

30 Jul 2019
Data falsification, salary kickbacks among ‘emerging fraud risk areas’; procurement-related frauds decline

The “I Speak out Now” website, the news and resources website of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), features frequent updates on matters of risk-related interest to Global Fund implementers, ranging from ‘How to protect against school fee fraud’ to ‘Fighting back against phishing’ and ‘Speaking out about human rights violations’.


Fiscal agents reduce financial risks within Global Fund grants but do not build implementer capacity

30 Jul 2019
Concept is sound but ‘model’ could be improved

Fiscal agents have been part of the Global Fund Financial management system in countries with high or moderate fiduciary risks since 2012. According to the Global Fund Guidelines on Financial Risk Management, fiscal agents reduce financial risks originating from weak financial management of principal or sub-recipients of Global Fund grants.


Global Fund Board approves $590 million for country grants

30 Apr 2019
Largest single award was for a South African TB/HIV grant
Domestic commitments for the programs included in the country grants amounted to $7.5 billion

New implementation arrangements for the Global Fund’s TB grants to Nigeria

28 Jan 2019
Transition to the new arrangements will happen in the first six months of 2019

New implementation arrangements have been put in place for the TB programs funded through Nigeria’s new TB and TB/HIV grants.


OIG releases reports on investigations into Global Fund grants in Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and Eswatini

3 Sep 2018
Reports detail misappropriation of funds in Nigeria, fraudulent diversion of funds in Eswatini, and non-compliant expenditures in Papua New Guinea

Between 10 July and 20 August 2018, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released reports on three different investigations into Global Fund grants in Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, and the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland).