Global Fund Pursues Discussions with GAVI and World Bank on Joint Funding of HSS

11 Mar 2010

The Global Fund is in discussions with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and the World Bank concerning the creation of a common platform for jointly funding health systems strengthening (HSS). For countries, a jointly funded HSS mechanism would mean simplified access to HSS funding, better alignment of financing to national HSS-related strategies, and reduced transaction costs.


Communities Global Fund Board Delegation Seeks Nominations

26 Jun 2008

The Global Fund board delegation that represents Communities Living with HIV, Tuberculosis and Affected by Malaria (the "Communities" Delegation) is seeking nominations for additional members.


Global Fund Board Approves Two New Round 6 Proposals Following Successful Appeals

10 Mar 2007

The Global Fund Board has approved two of the twelve Round 6 proposals whose original rejection had been appealed by the applicants. The newly approved proposals are an HIV/AIDS proposal from Egypt that will cost $5.4 million over the first two years, and a TB proposal from Pakistan that will cost $22.6 million. The approvals are subject to a number of clarifications being successfully responded to in a timely manner.


Global Fund Hires Investigator

7 Sep 2005

[The following article, reproduced in its entirety, was published in the Wall Street Journal on 3 August 2005.]

Global Fund Hires Investigator

By Michael M. Phillips, staff reporter of the Wall Street Journal

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria asked an outside investigator to look into allegations of mismanagement at the multibillion-dollar institution.


Weak Donor Support May Result in a Shrinking Global Fund

18 Oct 2004

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has demonstrated great momentum by launching four funding rounds in just over two years. But despite the recommendations of the Partnership Forum in July, where participants expressed strong support for a launch of Round 5 by early 2005, there now appears to be a reduction of support from several donors, many of whom do not support the launching of a new round in the coming months.


A Critical Review of New Funding Mechanisms

20 Sep 2004

[Excerpted and condensed, with permission of the author, from a July 12 keynote presentation at the opening plenary (on Access to Resources) at the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok.]


Recommended Country-by-Country Donations to the Global Fund

21 May 2004

[Note: The following report was published today by Aidspan, the NGO that produces GFO. The version as reprinted here does not include the detailed tables of data that are contained in two appendices. Footnotes, in square brackets, have been moved to the end.


Nairobi Regional Meeting Makes Recommendations Regarding CCMs

16 May 2004

On July 7 and 8, the Global Fund will hold its first bi-annual Partnership Forum in Bangkok, immediately prior to the International AIDS Conference. The role of the Partnership Forum is to provide a channel for feedback from people interested in the Fund who are not formally represented in the Fund's governance structure.


Useful New Description of the Global Fund

7 May 2003

The Global Fund has just released a Q&A document (dated 7 May) that provides a useful overview of the Fund and its operations. The text, available at www.globalfundatm.org/qa.html, is as follows:

Questions & Answers